Friday, January 9, 2015

Fun Finds Friday + Total Random-ness.

Woo-hoo-zle!!! My FUN FRIDAYS is BACK!

Christmas did me in.

And kids went back to school this week and I had a whole new sudden BURST of ENERGY to SHOP! 

JUST FOR LOVELY readers!! {Chuckle}.

I think I've mentioned before that I always get a tad depressed when Christmas is over.  But then...once the stores start filling up with all things heart gets happy again. Very happy!

This chevron heart pattern at the Hob Lob is quite possibly MY FAVORITE thing there right now.  And that's saying A LOT since I could pretty much marry everything inside that store cause I love it so much.

Also there....

Darling chalkboard/burlap banner...

...and this canvas sign which is SCREAMING my name!

Side Note: Valentine stuff at HL is NOT on sale yet.  
Be sure to use your 40% off coupon.

Over at the Targ $ bins....

These fun puzzles that let your kids COLOR them before taking apart and putting it back together. I bought one for London and she was pleased as punch. {Although I'm going to have her use some colored permanent markers to color it with since I think they'd work WAY better than those small waxy generic crayons}.They'd make FUN party favors for something.

NOT in the $ bins....

This adorable chalkboard banner that you could write WHATEVER you want on!

Over at Michaels...

These adorable {yes..I think I've used the word 'adorable' at least 50 times so far} argyle plastic ziploc bags for Valentine treats.

I also spotted these PAZOOKIE pans there! 

{In case you haven't heard..pazookies are one of my top favorite desserts EVER.  If I didn't have my own 12 pans at home to use...I'd snatch these up in a second.  
They're $5.99 right now.

LOVE these cute paper platters you could use for just about anything....

Polka dots on front and hearts on the back...

And there are TWO in a pacakge for $2.99.

I couldn't walk by all of this PURPLE baking goodness without taking a pic.  
I just so happen to LOVE purple + baking so it was a
 WIN WIN for me!

And last but not least from Michaels.....

These SUPER CUTE light up signs that I'm pretty sure I need to put on my shelf for the Vday season.  
They're a tad pricey so 'fo-sho' use your coupon!

With a quick stop at Wal-mart I spotted ....

HEART shaped marshmallows!
I need some for my kids to drink hot chocolate with ASAP.

Over at JoAnns....

Darling mini cupcake stands
$9.99 but 25% off right now.

Mason jar lids + straws just PERFECT for your day o' love!

And now...for some complete randomness from my brain....

Does anyone else remember when this shampoo was like the 'IT' shampoo of the late 80s? I remember it smelling JUST like fresh apples and thinking it was the COOLEST shampoo ever.  Good news: it smells JUST as I remembered it and they sell it at the Dollar Tree now.
 {I'm guessing because it's probably lost it's coolness factor?}

Yesterday I came home from grocery shopping and told my husband that I was really sorry for not giving him enough 'Hanky Panky' lately.  As he quickly agreed...
I said 'here ya go' and handed him this......

I just couldn't resist.
He didn't think it was AS funny as I did.
But I couldn't resist.

I spotted it at Win-co which I'm proud to announce was my FIRST time shopping there.  
I was delightfully impressed with it too!

One of my Facebook friends posted this pic of her dad the other day...

I immediately screen shot it and sent it to my own husband.
We both laughed our heads off.
We NEED this tee-shirt!

And just for anyone who was worried that I was still freezing my tail off in Arizona....

Temps have climbed and I am back in my happy place.



  1. So many cute things for Valentine's Day!! I am excited to go shop. I LOVE the light up signs!! My husband won't thank you, but I do. :)

  2. I too feel the let down after Christmas, the stores always make up for it by quickly adding valentines day stuff. I died laughing over the hanky panky treat, I need to get that asap for my husband. ha. And the google shirt is just perfect, too!

  3. I've been looking for Hanky Panky everywhere here in Las Vegas!! I want to use it as a party favor for a valentine party along with a "do not disturb" door sign 😉. Where did you find it in Winco?

  4. I've been looking for Hanky Panky everywhere in Las Vegas! I want to use it as a party favor along with a "do not disturb" door sign for a valentine party ;).

    1. HI Ginger! They were up right close to the cash register/check out lanes. Oh I hope you can find them! They are too funny and I LOVE what you are going to do with them!!! xoxo