Friday, January 16, 2015

Fun Finds Friday.

Happy Friday!!!
I don't know about you but I am EXCITED
 for this 3 day weekend. 

I found some goooooodies this week.....

Darling Valentine boxes for classroom parties.
Your kids color them themselves!
Target $ bins.

Also in the same bins...

You better believe I picked up one of these
 to do with my kids. {I'm a sucker for scratch n sniff anything!}

These fun character bottles of body wash are $3 in the $ bins but they had all different kinds.

A Frozen ring for every day of the week?
Why not?!

You know I'm a sucker for burlap, right?
Burlap BANNERS? Even MORE so!
CHEAP Burlap Banners?? Even MORE MORE so.

These plates just caught my eye.
{Could've been the polka dots.}
Aren't they pretty?

And lastly at Target....something else that caught my eye...

Has anyone ever tried these Slow Cooker SAUCES?
I'm curious.
I've tried the dry packet seasonings before - - but never these LIQUID sauces.  Comments? Opinions?
{I'm a sorta a crock-pot aficionado!}

Over at Hobby Lobby...

This darling chevron sign.
Too cute.
$15.99 BUT....all of HL's Vday stuff is now 30% off.

Stopped in at the Dollar Tree today...

Valentine duct tape...
For only a buck!
Now that's a bargain!!

Also....these cute take-out boxes.
2 in a package for a buck.
Another bargain!
Fill em with heart shaped cookies for your neighbors.

I stopped by Trader Joe's yesterday.
Gosh, I love this store.
I LOVE discovering new finds there too, so yesterday I stocked up.  Never tried any of this before so I'm excited...

The PINK bag of Kettle corn is our family's FAVORITE.
I was THRILLED to see that they now carry snack sized LITE   bags.  Can't wait to see how they compare to the real deal.

I'll have a FULL re-cap on ALL of these food finds next week.

What are YOUR favorite Trader Joes products?

Mine is hands down their steel-cut oatmeal in their freezer section.  Pair it up with a sliced banana and it's 
THE BEST breakfast!

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