Friday, January 23, 2015

Fun Finds Friday.

Raise your hand if you love TJ Maxx & Marshalls?
{BOTH my hands are up - that's how much I love em.}

Spied these cute ceramic heart shaped dishes there this week.  $2.99.  Thought they'd be cute filled with candy, wrapped in cellophane and given to someone SWEET.

Over at Target...

Could these mini pinatas be ANY cuter?

Also found this 12 pk of mazes for $5. 

My brain immediately went to work and while I already have my own kiddos Valentines figured out {will share soon!} I thought these would be cute on a tag that read something like 'To an a-MAZE-ing Friend'....

LOVE these cute chalkboard jars for $3...

.....and I LOVE these LARGE glass jars as well.

These polka dot boxes in the $ bins were practically CALLING my name!

These tenny-tiny mailboxes would be SO cute to fill with little love notes for your kiddos or spouse the week of Vday.
{Also $1}.

Over at the Hob Lob ...... better believe I bought that big giant polka dot C.

Half off so only $8!
Score! It's going in my black and white bathroom.

I was also tempted to buy one of these...

Although those were a little more pricey {$29.99} 
and not on sale.

Ready for a few tidbits of randomness?

I discovered this string quartet on Pandora and now I am obsessed with them.  They basically do pop songs - - but it's all instrumental. I am in love.

Listen HERE to one of my faves.

Has anyone tried these?
I was tempted.
They were at WinCo today and they looked right up my mint chocolate loving alley.

Why is this bedspread so hilarious to me?

Have a HAPPY weekend!
It's my husband's bday so we are doing LOTS of celebrating.
And by 'celebrating' I mean....eating out.


  1. Thank you for introducing me to the Dallas String Quartet. I've been listening to them after reading your post. LOVE! ♥

    1. So awesome, right?? Glad you like em too :) xoxo