Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Joke-ster Valentine {aka my Carson}

My middle son cares about being ONE thing in life.

If he can make people LAUGH - - then he is one happy boy.

I asked him what theme HE wanted to go with for Valentines Day this year and he instantly blurted out - -
 'something with a tuxedo'. Not even joking. 

So I got to work.

I automatically started rhyming things with the word TUXEDO. Cheeto popped into my head and his 
JOKE-STER Valentine card was born. 
{I'm pretty prouda myself actually on this one!}

He's pleased as punch that his includes a JOKE!

You can purchase the instant download of these Valentine

 cards {minus my sons cute face} in my Etsy shop HERE

There are 4 tags to a page.  

All you need to do is print, trim, 

attach with some ribbon to a small 

bag of Cheetos and you are GOOD to GO!

Guaranteed laughs for sure!

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