Monday, January 26, 2015

This {Birthday Boy} Weekend.

* Friday was spent running errands and doing odds and ends while my kiddies were at school.

I picked up this adorable Valentines board that I'm pretty much in LOVE with....

I bought it from a gal off of Facebook + a shamrock one for St. Patrick's Day. Isn't it the cutest?

* I worked on Etsy orders....

....and good news for those of you who have asked.
{I'll officially list them in the shop later today.}

* Friday night was Joe's Bday celebration #1.

I took him to a seafood restaurant {barf!} because he LOVES him some good seafood. We went HERE in Gilbert because of their great reviews and we really enjoyed it.

I, of course, ordered the buttermilk fried chicken and it was divine. {Not a seafood fan one bit.  UNLESS it's New England clam chowder.}

* Afterwards we went and saw...

THIS movie and we both LOVED it.
It's based on a true story right here in Phoenix.
It's heartwarming and cute. 

* Game Day on Saturday.

When Carson wasn't busy making shadow puppets
 on the soccer field.....

....he was busy scoring GOALS!
Yup.  Another goal for this guy.

PLUS the game day medal!

Grant shot another basket in his game and this momma bear was ONE PROUD MOMMA!

* Saturday night was Birthday Celebration #2.

Dinner with some of our favorite friends HERE.
Such yummy food and good laughs.

Hanging with people that make you LAUGH is good for the soul I've decided.
{Which is especially good when you have to wait an hour just to get a seat!}

* Churchey-church on Sunday and Joe's OFFICIAL birthday!

Gosh I adore this pic of my 4 loves.

* After church I got straight to work making his birthday cake. He requested YELLOW with CHOCOLATE frosting.

And while HOMEMADE frosting is absolutely necessary....

It sure does make a MESS of your kitchen!

* Birthday Celebration #3 was Sunday night
 at Joe's parents house.  

Fun fact: Did you know my husband is an identical twin?

Joe's Dad, Joe & his twin Jay
I personally don't think they look anything alike.
Do you?

We feasted on shredded beef tacos and homemade refried beans. {Soooo yummy!}

And these 2 cute cousins played dress up with all of Grandma Marilyn's jewelry. 
{Are they not the cutest things ever?}

Happy Monday!

On tap for this week:
Prepping for our trip to the DIZ
Going to see Jim Gaffigan!

Cannot. Wait.


  1. Looks like your husband's birthday was celebrated in style! Wondering where you found your printable numbers?! My husband LOVES cake! I think I can make the cake that you posted, but the numbers really made it awesome.

    1. I printed them off myself! I used the ROMANTIQUE font and just enlarged it super huge so that there was number per page. Changed the color to blue and that was it! Super easy. Good luck :) xoxo