Sunday, January 4, 2015

This Weekend:

* Our weekend actually started off on Thursday.

Joe and I dropped the kiddies off at my parents house for the night and hit the town. 
{Not really.  Mostly everything was closed with it being New Year's Day night.} 

We've had a Marriott gift card all year long that's never been used so we figured it was time...sans kiddos, of course.

We ate dinner at one of our very favorite joints ever.

Their pazookies are hands down the BEST EVER!!!
{Pazookie = Cookie in the shape of a pizza...cooked to perfection and topped with vanilla ice-cream}

It was absolutely FREEZING outside when we got done...

I honestly do not know how I EVER survived living in cold weather states like Utah and Idaho.  I officially have Arizona blood now and strongly DISLIKE the cold. Like A. LOT.

{Thank goodness it's back into the 70s on Tuesday!}

 * Friday morning we slept in until 10:00 {score!} and then hit up a new breakfast joint that we've been wanting to try...

Located right in Chandler - - it was FAB-U-LOUS!
It's a must try if you're a local.

* After picking back up the munchkins...the rest of our Friday was spent packing up and putting away all of our Christmas decor {dislike!} and working on my Etsy shop 
{see new stuff HERE}.

The boys had a movie night downstairs and London and I ended the evening upstairs in my bed watching 
Finding Nemo.

Fun Fact: Did you know that this is happening next year...

We're a little bit excited.

* Saturday was London and I's GIRLS DAY OUT.

She picked the places we went and so naturally she chose...

Paradise Bakery for soup and salad .
 P.S.Why does she look like she's 12 in this pic?

If you're a Peanut Butter + Chocolate fan and have not tried their PB chip cookies - - you MUST! They are heaven.

Hobby Lobby and the mall were also on London's agenda....

She's a girl after my own heart, I tell ya.

I sure love having a litte girl...have I mentioned
that lately?

* We made chili for dinner and then finished the evening off with REAL fun stuff like: laundry, folding AND putting it away {I was sorta proud of myself} and cleaning up the kitchen.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
We had another sickie just getting OVER the sickies so I stayed home again while Joe and the rest went.

Our new church time is 8:30 am.
Have I ever mentioned that our family is NOT a morning type family?  This year is gonna be ROUGH!

* Ended the weekend with Joe's famous cornflake cookies.

I love it when he bakes cookies on Sunday nights and I get to sit on the couch and surf my laptop.

I'll def be posting the cornflake recipe SOON.
They are divine.
Tonight we were out of cornflakes so Joe subbed 
Honey Bunches of Oats and....they were a hit!

And technically...since that's a sorta healthy-ish cereal..these cookies are HEALTHY for you!
{Just kidding.}

Cannot believe Christmas break is coming to an end.
School starts back up for the kids on Tuesday.
Bye-bye sleeping in and loafing around all day.

Helllllloooo...all things Valentines!


  1. 830 in the morning? We have 1, which I don't like. We are moving, our new ward starts at 9

    1. Oh I'd much rather take 1 than 8:30 in the morn. Bleh. My favorite time is like 10:30 or 11. That's perfect! xoxo

  2. aHHH!!! 8:30am?!? i didn't even know that existed!! you better take yourself a LONG sunday afternoon nap every week :)