Sunday, January 11, 2015

This Weekend:

* Friday morning was spent running errands and working on orders for my Etsy shop...

I really do love that I can whip up all of these fun goodies in the comfort of my own home {usually in my jammies!}
{And a HUGE shout out to my friend Chanda who is my jewelry genius helper
when it comes to necklaces!}

* Friday night we took the kiddos on a family date night {+ London's bff} to the New Mexican Grill just down the road.

We LOVE this place!

Joe got the somthered burrito....doesn't it look tasty?

Friday night....London also had her little bestie spend the night......

Which is a PRETTY big deal since our family 'doesn't DO' sleep-overs {unless it's with cousins, grandparents or any other form of relative who wants to take our kids for the night so Joe and I go out. Lol.}  

Needless to boys thought it was TOTALLY unfair.
But here's the deal....this little bestie of hers is practically FAMILY to us.  If London's not at our house...she's at hers.
{And truth be told - - if she were given the option to move in with her bff...she'd probably jump at the chance!}

London has bonded with this cute little friend since BIRTH! 
So....that's why we allowed it ;)

* Once the kiddies were upstairs for the night watching the Disney channel together...Joe and I delved into a juicy Dateline + the CNN Aaraon Hernandez special.

Why we find these shows SO intriguing is beyond me...but we LOVE them. And we LOVE guessing who's innocent and who's guilty in like the first 10 minutes of the show.
{Hernandez? Totally guilty.}

* Saturday sports for the boys.

Carson = Soccer
Grant = Basketball

By the time we got done with those....I had completely lost my voice.  {I think my family was secretly happy?} It's something that's been coming on since Thur. and Saturday I think it hit it's peak.

So we all stayed in Saturday night.
And I made the BEST sandwich of my life that I feel the need to tell you about...

Two things: #1 If you are not putting cucumbers on your deli MUST. And #2 Sandwiches on homemade wheat bread are THE VERY BEST! Oh...and there's a #3.  The turkey deli meat at Costco is hands down my new FAVORITE and it's on sale for $3 off right now.  

The rest of the evening was spent puttering around the house while Joe worked on organizing things for our taxes.  The most dreaded time of the year. {Chuckle}. 

Owning your business definitely has it's highs and lows but tax a definite low.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
I felt like death but since I've already missed the last 2 weeks due to sick kids - - I needed to go. 
{Finding someone to play the piano for me in primary can be a little tricky}.

Afterwards I took a nap and woke up feeling WORSE! Like ya know when you have a sore throat and it feels like you're swallowing chards of glass? 
That was me. 

So Sunday afternoon entailed a trip to the Urgent Care...

...and London thought it was absolutely necessary to come with me.  Had I not have felt so sick, I would not have let her play with that nasty play cube that germs were probably climbing all over.  No worries - I scrubbed the anti-bacterial gel ALL over her afterwards. You gotta fight your battles when you feel like poo.

Yay for anti-biotics.


Stay tuned tomorrow...if you follow my Etsy shop and are in Young Womens...I'm posting some FUN products for Valentines Day to motivate your girls to do Personal Progress.  Supa excited about it.


  1. oh no, I am sorry youhave been so sick.. bleh, no fun!!
    we have a no sleep over rule too!! Sad when you have to be so careful these days!
    I love that you try so many fun food places, I love love that!

  2. ok, that sandwich looks AMAZE!!! yummmmm!!
    thank you for sharing those 3 secrets :)
    taxes?!? BLECH!!! i feel ya!! you've mentioned before about joe owning his own business and working from home.. do share what kind of business it is!?!??! i'm curious now?!?!

    -Courtney from SLC, UT