Sunday, January 18, 2015

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I went out to breakfast with 2 of my favorite ladies on the planet.

And age aint nothin but a number because we sure have FUN together.

We tried a new little spot {new for us} tucked away into downtown Chandler.

Yoli's Cafe and it was YUMMY.
It's definitely a place you pull up to and think...'Ummmm?'

Food is homecooked and I loved it.
{Their french toast is to die for!}


They have this cool outside patio and all around are these caged birds that can sing, talk, name it.
  I wanna bring my kids back.  They'd LOVE it!

Afterwards, I ran a couple of errands and then picked up lunch for Carson {In and Out} and headed up to the school.  

Carson, his 2 buddies and his fabulous teacher whom we adore.
 I sure love that my kids still want to be seen in public with me. I dread the day this ends.

Grant's class just so happened to be having a PIZZA party afterwards so I was able to sneek in some 4th grade fun
 as well.

Since I'm pre-arranging all of my kids' marriages {aren't you?} this is the little girl I've picked for him.  We LOVE her. 
Aren't they cutest little friends?

* Friday night date night with my hubby.
We saw...
...and it was so dang good.
Why the actor who played MLK didn't get nominated for an Oscar award is beyond me.  He was fantastic!

Afterwards, I introduced Joe to Mod Pizza.

To say he LOVED it was an understatement.
Oh, we'll be back!!
{Their Dominic pizza + chicken and artichokes is my fave}.

* Saturday Sports.
And it was a pretty BIG deal because....

Carson scored his FIRST GOAL of the season and...

Grant {#17} shot his first BASKET of the season.
{And yup....that's Coach Coombo coaching his team}.

After their games...the boys claimed that they were EACH each other's good luck charms and it pretty much melted my heart.

* Saturday night we stayed in and I made soup.
It was a new recipe {thank you Courtney!} and I'll definitely be sharing it on the blog later this week. SUPER delish.

* We tucked kiddies into bed and then watched 
Kevin Hart on SNL.

Why is he so dang funny?!
We pretty much laughed our heads off.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
And just for the record....
 8:30 start time does NOT get any easier.

* Fat 3 hour nap afterwards.
{The only + of having early morning church}.

* AFV + cookies ends our Sunday evening.

Happy MLK Weekend.
{Go see's a MUST!}

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