Friday, February 27, 2015

New Items in my Etsy Shop!

SUPER excited about some NEW items I've just added to my Etsy shop.  They go PERFECTLY along with the 2015 Mutual theme: Embark in the Service of God.

Girls Camp is RIGHT around the corner and these items would make a GREAT little gift to hand out.

I have a limited quantity on each of these items so once they sell out...they're gone.

Make sure to order SOONER than LATER to ensure that you get them before they sell out.

Isn't this chunky princess crown charm bracelet adorable?
So many fun things you could do with this.
*Daughter of God
*Daughter of a King
*Princess theme
....the list goes on!

To take a peek at my entire shop click HERE.
And check back often as I'm adding NEW items all throughout the next week! PLUS...I'll be rolling in some Primary and Relief Society goodies too!!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Decor.

Every holiday deserves a little attention {and decoration, for that matter!} right? I couldn't let St. Patty's Day slip away without adding a little GREEN to our house. {Next up: Easter.  Cannot wait!}

Here are some of my favorite spots from around our home:

Split peas are the EASIEST way to add green!

Burlap banner and sign both from Hobby Lobby {last year}.


Side Note:

I've just added these INSTANT DOWNLOAD-able 
St. Patrick's Day tags in my Etsy Shop.

Do you teach? Are you in Young Womens? Primary?
Attach these tags to basically ANYTHING green and you have a fun little treat to give to those you love!

View HERE.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2fer Tuesday.

2 'Funnies' I Can Relate To:

Would this not be the best shirt EVER?


No joke people.
No joke.

2 Recipes I Want to Try Soon:


Guess what the 'clouds' are?
Not even kidding.  And this recipe looks divine.
If you like Strawberry Shortcake - this recipe is right up your alley.


This one looks super easy and super delish.
It's one of my favorite combos ever: chocolate + pb

Monday, February 23, 2015

A Taylor Swift themed Birthday Bash!

My little girl is obsessed with Taylor Swift.

While MOST 6 year olds plan Frozen or Princess parties... MY 6 year old wanted a party solely based around the pop/country superstar.

At first I the heck are we going to do this?
But the more I dug into it - the more ideas and fun I had!

Here are some of the details from her Bday Bash...

Each girl upon arriving, was given their own personal 'microphone' to decorate however they'd like.

These 'microphones' were super simple to make up ahead of time.  I used......

$ store kaleidoscopes 
stryofoam balls spray painted silver

I colored the tops of the kaleidoscopes with black permanent marker and then super glued the balls to the top.

They had sooo much fun with these and used them for our 'lip sync performance' later on at the party.

We played PIN THE HEART on Taylor Swift....

Since T.S. is pretty much famous for making this heart shape with her hands all the time...I found this image online and printed it off.

We blindfolded the girls and then had them try and pin the heart on Taylor's REAL heart. 

{Yes..I've learned so much about Ms. Swift this past week, I deserve to abbreviate her name AND call her by her first name only.}

I also put RED lipstick on each girl as they arrived and then had them KISS an index card with their name on the back.

The goal was to have everyone GUESS who's lips were whose at the end of the party BUT....we got so carried away dancing and singing....I completely forgot to do it.  

We served PIZZA and PUNCH!

You know I can resist the opportunity to make personalized water bottle labels.

The cake was homemade by a friend of mine and couldn't have been more stunning {AND tasty!}

I purchased the glittered 6 from Hobby Lobby in their cake decorating aisle and then just printed out a couple of London's fave pics of T.S. to go with it.

I set up 3 large tables on my back patio and covered them with wrapping paper {my favorite entertaining trick in the book!}

I decorated them with Ikea frames {I bought a whole bunch once while I was there and it's been one of my favorite, smartest purchases yet!} + pics of T.S. and then $ store party glasses on their plates

As for party favors....

I gave the girls a Taylor Swift cd with some labels I designed!
 I also whipped up some bottle cap necklaces to go with it.

I attached em both together with washi tape and tulle.

The party was a HIT and I could barely move afterwards I was so tired {chuckle}. My daughter was PLEASED as PUNCH and that made it all worth it!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

This Weekend:

* Our entire day Friday was spent prepping for London's TAYLOR SWIFT themed birthday party after school.

Everything went perfectly, London deemed it 'the best party EVER' and I've been pooped ever since. {Smile}.

I'll be posting ALL of the details tomorrow.

* Friday night Joe and I went to the viewing of a dear friend's mother, dropped by Target {bad idea on a Friday night} and then grabbed a quick bite at Moreno's.

Their #10 is pretty much the best.
{Green corn tamale + cheese enchilada with green sauce}

We were both so exhausted from the day's events, we basically just sat there in silence, snarfing down our food.

*Games on Saturday.

I'm not gonna lie...I absolutely adore watching my boys play sports but I'm sorta looking forward to this season ending soon and having a little break-a-roo.
Carson was VERY apprehensive about wearing his yellow mesh goalie shirt but he rocked it and didn't let even one goal past him.

* Saturday night date with FUN friends HERE.
Locals - - have you been to downtown Gilbert on a weekend lately? It was totally BOOMING.  The new Lolo's Chicken and Waffles had a 2.5 hour WAIT! What the?!

We went back to our friends house afterwards to play games and they introduced us to a SUPER FUN new game that Joe and I both want to get for the fam soon.


Have you played this?

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

*3 hour-ish nap afterwards.

* Dinner at Joe's parents house with the 
whole Coombs clan Sunday night.

Shredded beef tacos with homemade refried beans and lots of backyard play time with the cousins - - it was the perfect way to end a weekend!


And the winner of my LuLaRoe contest GIVEAWAY is.....

MARIE BOWMAN who said:

I am in love with the Cassie skirts, both kid 
and adult sizes!! I bought some leggings from 
Lularoe a year ago and they are by far my 
favorite pair of leggings. They are super
 comfy and cute!!!! 

Marie - please contact me ASAP so you can redeem your 
FREE goodies.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Don't Forget....

Your chance to win some seriously CUTE stuff ends Friday 2/20 at 8 PM MST.  Have you entered my LuLaRoe giveaway yet?

Click HERE for details.

So many fun things to choose from! 

Leggings, shirts, skirts, tunics and more! 

Women's sizes XXS-3XL and children's sizes 2-14.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mint Ice-Cream Sandwich DESSERT.

Holy Moly readers - - have I got a recipe for you!

If one of your all time favorite combos is chocolate + mint - - than you have GOT to try this recipe.  I came up with it the other day and it took only about 10 minutes to make!

Super easy.
Super delish.

Here's what you'll need:

2 boxes of ice-cream sandwiches

1 package of Keebler Grasshopper cookies, crushed up
{You could also use Girl Scout Thin Mints since it is the season!}

2 cartons of Cool Whip {regular size NOT big}

1 envelope of Duncan Hines Mint Chocolate Chip flavoring
{You can find this right next to the frosting in the boxed cake aisle}

1 jar of caramel ice-cream topping

 Here's what you'll do....

Layer your first box of ice-cream sandwiches on the bottom of a 9x13 pan. You may have to cut the last few to fit accordingly.

Cover this layer with a jar of caramel topping.

Mix together your 1 packet of frosting flavoring with 1 carton of Cool Whip.  Spread on top of caramel.

Add enough crushed Grasshopper cookies to completely cover the Cool Whip layer.

Add your 2nd box of ice-cream sandwiches on top of your Cool Whip layer.

Top with your 2nd carton of Cool Whip and additional crushed Grasshopper cookies.

Place in your freezer for at least a few hours.  

I find that this dessert is better - the longer it sets - so making it up the night before would be ideal. 


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2fer Tuesday.

2 Bits of Random-ness from my life today:

As spotted in our pantry this morning....

She's at it again.
Translation: This is only for London

She's learned that with 2 older brothers - you've really gotta mark your territory around here. {Wink!}


Just stop it right now!

I spotted this at Wal-mart this afternoon when I was running errands. It's totally for real. 
Is this not the grossest thing ever?!
{But it might be really funny as a white elephant gift, no?}

2 Bits of Inspiration Today:

LOVE this!
So SO true.

How many of you have brains that start to race 90 mph as soon as your head hits the pillow at night?

{Not my husband...he's out like a light in less than 2.1 seconds. To be so lucky!}

I need to remember this saying.
I say my prayers every night right before climbing into my bed and it would do me some good to remember this.

Have you entered my LuLaRoe giveaway??