Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2fer Tuesday.

2 Bits of Random-ness from my life today:

As spotted in our pantry this morning....

She's at it again.
Translation: This is only for London

She's learned that with 2 older brothers - you've really gotta mark your territory around here. {Wink!}


Just stop it right now!

I spotted this at Wal-mart this afternoon when I was running errands. It's totally for real. 
Is this not the grossest thing ever?!
{But it might be really funny as a white elephant gift, no?}

2 Bits of Inspiration Today:

LOVE this!
So SO true.

How many of you have brains that start to race 90 mph as soon as your head hits the pillow at night?

{Not my husband...he's out like a light in less than 2.1 seconds. To be so lucky!}

I need to remember this saying.
I say my prayers every night right before climbing into my bed and it would do me some good to remember this.

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