Thursday, February 5, 2015

Highlights from our Trip + More Disneyland Tips.

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Back from another FUN FILLED trip to Disneyland.
This time we went with my sister, her family and my nephew.

It was the PERFECT time of year to go.

Not to mention - - the measles outbreak helped skim the crowds out so we didn't have to wait very long at any of the rides. {Score! And yes...luckily...we've all been vaccinated!}

This trip we did something different.

Instead of buying a 2 DAY Park Hopper pass - - we bought
 2 - 1 Day park passes.  Which meant we spent the first entire day over at California Adventure and the 2nd day entirely at Disneyland.

I would DEFINITELY recommend doing this.

No darting back and forth between parks and 
we were able to accomplish EVERYTHING we wanted to at each park this way without feeling shorted. saved us $20 per person on tickets.

Hands down my very favorite picture of the entire trip....

....was this one of London 
on the Ferris Wheel at CA Adventrue.

If you ride the Ferris Wheel {which you should!} you MUST pick to go on the 'swinging' carts.  TOO fun!

Cars Land is a must as well.
As soon as CA Adventure opens up in the morning - - you need to head straight to get fast passes for 
Radiator Springs Racers.

This might be my favorite ride in whole park.

This line is ALWAYS the longest so skip the waiting and get the fast pass FOR SURE!

Also make sure to get fast passes for......  

......meeting Elsa and Anna AND 
the sing along at Frozen Land.
{You HAVE to have fast passes for BOTH to even do them}.

Be prepared though...we had fast passes for the meet and greet and STILL waited 45 minutes. It was VERY worth it though in the eyes of my daughter. Trip. Made. SURE to check out Olaf's Snow Land.
It is a MUST!
You can play in the snow, have snowball fights and even go sledding.  This is also where you can get in line to meet Olaf.

If your goal is to MEET Disney characters while you are there - - the very best time and place to do this is RIGHT at the opening of the park. Most of the characters will be walking around and posing for pictures right at the top of Main Street.

 One of my FAVORITE things about the Diz?
Hands down...the food.
It does not get any better. is WAY over priced but dang it is GOOD!

Their corndogs are the greatest thing on earth.
If I had to choose ONE thing to eat every day for the rest of my life {without gaining any weight of course!} it would be their corndogs.  You can find them in Disneyland at the little red cart at the bottom of Main Street AND over at CA Adventure down by Goofy's Sky Coaster.

We also tried a couple of new places this trip:

Joe and I each LOVED what we got: a grilled chicken sandwich with the most delicious basil mayo sauce
 and the BLT flatbread pizza. 
They had burgers, mac and cheese, etc. for the kids.

Cafe Orleans in New Orleans Square.
{For this one..since it was a little pricey...we ditched the kids ...ok not totally - my 16 year old nephew and 14 year old niece were with them riding rides!}

We ordered the Pommes Fritas....

which were SOOOO delish.

And.....the famous Monte Cristo...

...which was every bit as good as everyone has always said it was. Tip: SPLIT this with someone.  It comes with 4 HUGE sections and this entree is VERY rich.  Not something you could eat EVERY night...but definitely something you HAVE to try. Double Tip: Time it right so that you get there about 6:30 pm. That way WHILE you eat have the best seats in the whole park to watch Fantasmic, the water show.

The whole trip was SO much fun.
We're already looking forward to returning. 
With or without the measles.

Fun Fact: We FINALLY found a place in Blthye worth stopping at.  For those of you who drive to and from the Diz and you have to drive through this awkward little town.... 

Sooooo much better than all of the nasty little fast food joints there. I promise. We discovered it on Yelp and we all LOVED it.  Super super yummy.  

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