Thursday, February 26, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Decor.

Every holiday deserves a little attention {and decoration, for that matter!} right? I couldn't let St. Patty's Day slip away without adding a little GREEN to our house. {Next up: Easter.  Cannot wait!}

Here are some of my favorite spots from around our home:

Split peas are the EASIEST way to add green!

Burlap banner and sign both from Hobby Lobby {last year}.


Side Note:

I've just added these INSTANT DOWNLOAD-able 
St. Patrick's Day tags in my Etsy Shop.

Do you teach? Are you in Young Womens? Primary?
Attach these tags to basically ANYTHING green and you have a fun little treat to give to those you love!

View HERE.


  1. Did you make the pinwheel things in the split peas? If so, would you share how? Thanks for all your cute cute ideas. I love your blog"

  2. I think I have said this before, but this is the only holiday I don't decorate for.. I tinhk it's the British in me.. LOL I know crazy.. however, easter, oh I love Easter d├ęcor !!!


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