Friday, March 27, 2015

12 things + 12 years.

Our anniverary cruise 2013

Today my hubs and I celebrate 12 years of marriage.

1 apartment, 1 house and 3 cute kids later - - 
we are as happy {if not HAPPIER} as we were
 on the day we got married.

{Probably a lot less naive...but still happy!}

As we spend the day together {festivities to follow on my weekend post} - - I feel the need to tell you...

TWELVE things you might not know about US:
{Unless you and I are super tight.  Then you might already know this stuff.}

1.  We see A LOT of each.
Like. A. Lot.

Joe works from home and I'm a stay at home mom sooooo....
Kudos to us for making it last this long.
{I kid...I kid.}

I love our 'day' dates and lunch times in the kitchen together.

2.  We're both night owls.
We stay up late and watch Jimmy Fallon and SNL mostly every single night/week.  

3.  We die laughing at the silliest stuff.
Like THIS and THIS.
{We've seen those clips more times than I should admit.}

4.  Disneyland is our happy place.
I know - it sounds so silly and cheesy.
But it's true.
We LOVE going there!

5. We can't keep secrets OR suprises from one another.
We relate really well to THIS GIRL.

6.  We eat out way too much.
And by 'we' I mean...I get sick of cooking and Joe let's us go out. Such a champ he is.

7.  We were friends FIRST before we started dating.

8. We were 24 and 25 when we got married.

9.  We go on late night soda runs for each other. 

10.  We have nicknames for everyone we know. EVERYONE!

11.  We have the complete opposite taste in music and movies. {Some day he'll come around and like my 
teeny-boppin boy bands and chick flicks.}

12. We laugh A LOT together.
At each other - at other people - at our kids - - -
we LOVE to laugh.

Happy 12, my dear.
Here's to 12x12x12 more!


  1. With all the time together at home I'm surprised you only have 3 kids ;) haha!!


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