Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2fer Tuesday.


Who's with me?

2 New Random Finds I Must Share:

Found this seasoning at Sams Club awhile back when they were handing out free samples. 

It's the bomb.

The other night for dinner...I sauteed my chicken and sprinkled it all on top and then once I flipped the chicken, I sprinkled it on again. Then I added a jar of pesto sauce and a jar of alfredo sauce and let simmer for awhile. 
 Tossed it with some pasta and wa-lah!
Dinner was served.

This stuff really does have the best flavor!

Do you have a little one at home who's obsessed with her hair-do EVERY.SINGLE.DAY?
{No? Just me??}

Well this book is for her {and you!} then.

London and I rented it from the library yesterday and it has the cutest sweetest little story to it. 

I LOVE finding good childrens books and we've added this one to our list of faves now.


P.S. I took the boys yesterday to see:

....and we LOVED it!
Such a GOOOOOOD story.

I am however glad though that I left London 
at my parents house.
I think it would've been a tad un-interesting/long for kiddos 
6 and under.

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