Monday, March 16, 2015

Coombs Easter Decor.

Happy Monday!

So far we've:

* Been to the dermatologist 
{I even had to set my alarm! ACK!! It was not pretty. Early mornings are for the birds!}

*Gone to Target

* Filled the crockpot, made dessert and sides for dinner with fun friends at our house tonight

* Did a Costco run {I dislike Monday's at Costco equally as much as I dislike Saturdays at Costco.  Oh - - but add my 3 kids to the trip and it was well - - I'll spare you the details.} 

* Dishes, Laundry, blah blah blah

* Piano lessons

and last but not least....

London and I busted out our Easter decor.
{I really do love that she enjoys holidays as much as me}.

You can view our Easter-ish home HERE.
{It's pretty much the same exact as last year with a few twirks.}

Oh - and I've been spring cleaning like mad.
Cleaning out the kids closets and wiping everything possible winter-ish out. It's 90 here today!

Need a laugh?

Thank you reader Michelle for sharing that! ;)


  1. Anytime :)
    It was too good not to share

  2. Oh haha I love that lol
    I'm busting out easter this week too.
    I went to a Costco in the city on Saturday the checkout lines were to the back of the store I'm not kidding.. I left lol
    90 degrees.. it's 0 today.. we were happy lol

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