Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Easter Place Setting Ideas.

Joe and I have it really good when the holidays roll around.
Since both of our families live close by - - we luck out with always having a place to go to.
{Translation: I don't have to host it at my house}

I do however have a Pinterest board full of cute Easter hostessing ideas in case we ever need to
 step up to the plate. 

Here are some of my favorite ideas:

Such a festive way to spruce up a white napkin!

Image and Idea

LOVE the simplicity of this tulip up against a colored napkin.

Image and Idea

Carrots, anyone?
I. LoVe!
{Not so Fun Fact: I'm allergic to raw carrots. Boo!}

Image and Idea
I'm always a sucker for monogrammed anything!
These monograms are just stickers. How simple!

If you're having a buffet for Easter dinner - this is the perfect way to label the food.  Use a felt tip pen/marker and just write on top of your already colored eggs. Convenient, no?

I think this is my favorite idea of all.
Easter cookie cutters filled with colored M&Ms.
How fun would that be on a plate?

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