Friday, March 6, 2015

Fun Finds Friday.

Happy Friday!!!
Today at 3:00 begins my kiddos 
SPRING BREAK for 2 weeks!

We have absolutely NOTHING planned and I could not be more thrilled about it.  I'm sure we'll do plenty of:
 sleeping in, staying up late, swimming {it's in the 80s here!}, movies, and maybe even an
 MLB spring training game.

The other day I went to Target to just get 'one' thing...and well you know how that goes.....

How cute are these painted chalkboard pots?
$ bins.
You could even fill em up with treats to give to someone.

You better believe I picked these up for London.
Easter BUNNY EAR barretts? How could I not?!

I use takeout boxes for everything!
And this is a real score because it's SIX for $3.
{They are a little smaller but still enough to hold a few cookies or brownies.}

I'm not sure why but I'm a big time sucker for pretty paint swatches.  These gift tags were practically 
CALLING my name!

Wouldn't this cute cooking accessory set be fun to give for a birthday gift? They come with an apron and chef's hat.
They were either $12.99 or $9.99.
I can't remember.

DARLING Easter Bunny place card holders.

Over at the Dollar Tree....

I spotted these cute little baskets that could be used for just about anything.  LOVE the jacquered pattern on the right.

THREE for $1.
Another bargain.

At the Hob Lob....

I've been swooning over this magnet/bulletin board everytime I enter the store - - scouring my brain for a place I could put it in my house if I bought it.

And I love this cute canvas Easter sign there as well.
{And I may have accidentally broken a plate in an attempt to get a picture of this. The things I do to get my FUN FINDS photographed. Wink!} 

T.J. Maxx had these darling favor party bags.
A set of 8 for only $6.99.  
I'm sure you can do the math but seriously...
that's under a buck a bag people!
Aren't they cute?

And now....for a couple of LOCAL Fun Finds....

I stopped by THIS cute new little bakery today.

I bought a loaf of apple cinnamon bread that I can't wait to try! {If I'm being honest though...I do think their bread was a tad over priced. 
 That particular loaf was $5.95}.

Their sweets are pretty much to die for.

That shamrock sugar cookie practically melted in my mouth.
I also got a mint chocolate brownie that I'm about ready to dig into. {Because calories don't count on Fridays, right? Or even the weekends, for that matter!} They had a sample of the brownie up front and oh my goodness! A sample just was not enough! 
I will definitley be back.

Salsa Lovers!
You know us Coombs LOVE us some El Sol.
{LOVE their restaurant in downtown Chandler and LOVE their salsa sold at Costco.}

Did you know you can BUY their salsa - - made FRESH each day at their factory right off of Lindsay and Germann?

It's true.
And now I won't settle for anything less.

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  1. You make me want to move back to Arizona! And hello your Target and Dollar Tree have the best stuff! Ours are so crappy and run down!