Friday, March 13, 2015

Fun Finds Friday.

Well, not really...since every day this week has pretty much been a FRIDAY with my kiddos on Spring Break.
{Staying up late + sleeping in late = the best way our family knows how to celebrate!}

Regardless....I was able to find a FEW fun finds to share.

If you have a hard time chugging down water like me, then these cups are FOR YOU! I found some just like this {the 32 ounce size!} at Wal-Mart last year and then....they went out of stock.  Happy to announce...they NOW have them at 
Bed Bath and Beyond and FOR CHEAPER too! 

I absolutely LOVE my cup like this.
It makes drinking water throughout the day not so bad!
{But lets be real clear - - I'll take a 32 ounce Diet Coke any day over water.}

Are you hosting Easter at your house this year?
Aren't these burlap bunny napkin rings adorable?
Found at Michaels - 4 in a package for $5.

How about these oh so perfect PAPER placemats?
Aren't they cute? And convenient?
My family NEEDS these.  We spill at meal time ALL the time.
No need for fancy cloth/fabric placemats in our house!

These were at Hobby Lobby for $4.99 and there are 
24 sheets in a package.

Need a fun little St. Patrick's Day treat to give someone?

Spotted at Target.

And as I've been surfing around the web for just the right Easter dress for London...I've come across some SUPER cute bunny themed clothing.

THIS bunny dress


THIS bunny shirt.

I see a trip to the mall next week in the future!

Happy Weekend!
And P.S. .....I just discovered about 45 pictures taken on my phone exactly like this.....

I LOVE how the Barbie on the left has her leg crossed.
No detail goes un-noticed by my daughter.

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  1. Oh I would drink z diet coke any day over husband never drinks pop.. ever.. He hates eating out too. I'm not sure how we stay married !
    I love that little bunny dress soo of cute