Monday, March 2, 2015

March Visiting Teaching Handout.

Raise your hand if you can't believe it's already MARCH?!
Seriously...before we know it, Easter will be over and we'll be diving into summer! Time sure does fly when 
you're havin' fun.

This month's Visiting Teaching message is on.....

A large portion of this lesson is taken from 
President Uchtdorf's talk: Continue in Patience.

I love President Uchtdorf.

I feel as if he speaks right to my soul.

As I looked up the talk, to read it in it's entirety...I came across THIS Mormon message.  Watch it.  It's great. It includes portions of this talk as well....and the one main point I'm using for this handout.

Which...if you haven't guessed by now...involves marshmallows. 

These fun 'gourmet' marshmallows were found at 
Target for $2.99, back in their Easter section.

Strawberry marshmallows are fun to give too and only $1.29.

The Easter Bunny marshmallows {as seen up top!} 
were only .99 cents.

To download President Uchtdorf's 
Marshmallow story click HERE.

To download my PATIENCE tag to attach to the bag of marshmallows click HERE.

{The idea is to give your sisters the story ALONG with a bag of marshmallows and the tag attached.}

There are 3 tags to a page and 2 stories to a page.
You can print them out however many times you'd like!

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Happy Visiting Teaching!


  1. I admit, I read the patience tag and saw the marshmallows in the pic and couldn't figure out how you connected the 2.. BUT... I knew you had to have some brilliant way of doing it, so I quickly kept reading and found out how! I LOVE your monthly ideas and I am thrilled when I get to share them with women in our ward. :) Thank you!!

    1. Thank you so much Ginger! I so appreciate your kind comments. SO glad you're able to use my ideas :) xoxo

  2. Marci, I don't know how you come up with what you do but I am so grateful every single month for your talents and your willingness to share them with us. My daughter is on a mission currently serving in North Carolina. She loves Pres Uchtdorf so much. I am her visiting teacher while she is serving and the last couple of months have been her hardest. But I have sent the message from you every time and it has been just what she needed. I know the sweet sister's I visit love them too. But it has been so amazing to see you literally reach out and answer my daughter's prayers. She needed to be patient with her last comp and she was more than ready for a transfer. To think of the messages you have sent both this one and last month from him I know Heavenly Father's hand was in it. Thank you so much for doing this and for helping a mom help her daughter from afar with your help. I will always be grateful to you for that and for all you do and so willingly share with us. Thank so much

    1. Lisa! This is the kindest comment EVER! YOU have touched my heart. Thank you so much for sharing has made my day. xoxo

  3. Thanks for sharing your creative talent. I love taking cute handouts on my visits. When asked how I come up with my ideas, I confess I get them from you on pinterest..


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