Thursday, March 19, 2015


*We've been sleeping in over here like it's nobodys business.

Next Tuesday, when the kids head back to school - - it's going to be a rude {sad} awakening.

{Also, how long do you think my boys will snuggle up like this when they sleep? I love it and it melts my heart everytime I check on them.}

*London got a haircut....

....and she now looks like Snow White's stunt double.

* Have you seen Cinderella yet?
{Please say yes.}

London and I are both a little bit miffed that the
 Lavendar's Blue song sung by Cinderella herself {Lily James} was NOT included on the soundtrack.  NOR...can we find it ANYWHERE for that matter.  

We've settled for listening to THIS version at night.
London likes to hear it right before bedtime. 
{So do I.}

* My boys are obsessed with Nike Elite socks.
Anyone else have kids obsessed with these?


I'd love to hate em because they're so dang expensive BUT...I HAVE found that..... you get what you pay for with boy socks these days.  

The Target and Wal-mart socks just don't cut it 
around here anymore. 
They ALWAYS get holes in em.

* Have you been to Crazy 8 lately?
I love this store.

They have the best shirts for little girls.
I picked up THIS one just today.
{Shopping with my kids ALWAYS costs me more}.

* We're having our missionaries over for dinner tonight.
We're grilling steaks and I made THIS dessert.
I'm secretly hoping we'll have leftovers so I can devour some more of it tonight as I watch Dateline.

It's all about Robert Durst and I am now fascinated with the whole thing.  I have yet to see the HBO documentary on him but it's on my list of things to do.  

Although my husband tells me now that since I know the outcome of what has happened this past week - - it's ruined it for me.

* Speaking of TV stuff....


Please oh PLEASE! tell me you saw this last night.
It's basically my 2 favorite people of all time
 on ALL of television.
Watch HERE.

And lastly...

I need/want this shirt.


  1. My son used to love Nike elite socks. FYI: The cheapest place I have seen to get them is Ross. Also, I love your blog! Thanks for all the work you put into it.

    1. Thanks so much Tamara! So sweet of you to comment. And thanks for the tip on the socks! I'll head there tomorrow to check it out and see if they have any in stock! xoxo