Wednesday, March 11, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Ideas.

I've never really gotten into St. Patty's Day until just recently.
{I don't drink, I don't have red hair, & I'm not Irish}.

Once my kiddies started getting a little older though...I started getting a kick out of the whole thing and so now we do a little something each year to celebrate.

I usually decorate the kitchen table with some fun GREEN stuff for the kids to wake up to.  

We have an elaborate breakfast of: 
Lucky Charms and green Gatorade.
{Doesn't get much easier than that, folks!}

Last year I ordered GREEN rolls from my local bakery {Bashas} for dinner.

LUCKY the Leprauchan visits our house and usually does something naughty.  Last year he toilet papered our bathroom.  The year before he....

....left his gross little green footprints on our toilet seat.
{Yes..he even pees GREEN!}

I usually like to make up special treats for some of our neighbors on St. Patty's Day. One year we whipped up this {OH SO DELISH!} Pistachio Bread.  It's DIVINE and super easy! The kids thought it was fun because the inside turns GREEN!  Recipe HERE.

Other fun ideas seen from around the web:


complete with a RAINBOW on top!

Speaking of shakes........

You better BELIEVE my fam will be driving thru 'the Sonic' to get ours on St. Patty's Day.

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