Sunday, March 29, 2015

This {Anniversary} Weekend:

* Friday we celebrated our 12th Anniversary. 
We spent the morning in the place we love most
 {besides our own home}.

So blessed to have this BEAUTIFUL temple right down the road from us.  It brings Joe and I both so much peace and comfort each time we go. 

* Afterwards we grabbed lunch HERE.

Their garlic cheese knots are in my top 5 fave foods EVER.
They are soooooooo good!
{And so is their SoHo salad}.

* That evening - the boys spent the night at my parents house and London went to Grandma Marilyn and Grandpa Scott's house to play.

She rolled hard in their Escalade and did NOT want to leave.
I don't blame her.

Meanwhile....Joe and I walked around an outdoor shopping mall and spent too much time in the bookstore.

True Crime = our favorite section.
It's like a good Dateline x 1000.

I added books to my list of 'To Read This Summer' list...

Anyone every read any of these?
They look juicy.

* We shared a burrito at Costa Vida, picked up London and then called it a night. 

We are SO romantic.

* Saturday was spent ushering the kids around to birthday parties, etc.  Joe and the boys worked on their Pinewood Derby cars with Uncle Will while London and I headed to Grandma Lamoreaux's house to watch the

This was the first year that we watched it at home and I must say - - - it was rather nice.  I LOVED the messages from all of the speakers.  Such an emphasis on the FAMILY unit. I loved it when one speaker quoted Pres. Monson.....

"The home is the basis of a righteous life". - Pres. Monson

I also feel the need to share.....

...that it was 98 degrees outside when drove over to my parent's house.  98!!! And it's not even APRIL yet!!!
Yowzers, AZ. 

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
We had such a terrific Sacrament meeting.

* 3 hour nap afterwards.
My kids didn't even come in once to wake me up.
It was blissful.

* Early Easter dinner/party at 
Joe's parents house Sunday night.

We enjoyed:
*Gorgeous weather while eating outside
*Beautiful table setting from Grandma Marilyn
*Delicious {and I mean DELICIOUS!} 
ham dinner with all the fixins
* Kids Easter Egg hunt
* Adult Easter Egg hunt {that got a little vicious. When there is a $20 egg at stake - - nothing is off limits.}
* Lovely devotional based around the Savior
 from Joe's parents.
*Delicious {and I mean DELCIOUS!} dessert.

We left feeling fed both temporally AND spiritually.
So grateful for my husband's side of the family.


Coming this week....

APRIL's Visiting Teaching Handout
Pics from a PTO Teachers Luncheon I did last week
A really neat Easter tradition I'm happy to be apart of

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