Sunday, March 1, 2015

This Weekend {+ Happy March!?}

* I helped out in London's Kindergarten class.

London has the BEST Kinder teacher around....and boy oh boy does she have a special kind of patience for those kiddos. Kudos to Kinder teachers everywhere!
 I don't know how you do it!

* Joe and I met up with some of our fun friends at Garcia's Friday night for Happy Hour. 
{Seriously, how can you resist half price appetizers and Diet Coke with lime?}

We had a bit of time to kill afterwards so we stopped by one of our favorite places in the world.....

Yup. This is where it all began, folks.
Joe + Marci 4 forever.
We got married in this beautiful place {almost!} 12 years ago.

Although we now have a temple right down the road from us in Gilbert, this temple will always hold a special place for us in our hearts.

* After walking around and admiring it's beauty...we headed onto a show, featuring my talented brother-in-law William.

He was the guest AND musical guest.
It was kind of a big deal.

* Saturday morning sports.

We froze our little tails off watching Carson play soccer. 
{It was in the 60s and windy!}

And then....
after going an entire season of losing....
Joe and Grant's team WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Their last and final game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IN the Championship GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To say that we were all ELATED is an understatement!
{The photobomber above was not an official member of the team. Lol.}

Joe did SUCH a good job coaching these kiddos and they ADORED him to pieces. They played their hearts out every single week and we could not have been more proud!

* Saturday night date night HERE.

Soooooooo delish.
I had the philly cheesesteak and Joe had the ribs 
{and might've even spilled a little sauce on his tie after this photo was taken}.
We LOVE this place!

* Afterwards we headed to our Adult Session of Stake Conference.  This session is ALWAYS my favorite.

Elder Rafael E. Pino of the Quorum of the Seventy came to speak to us and Joe and I both left feeling
 uplifted and edified.

Elder Pino {from Argentina} gave his entire talk in Spanish and had a man there to translate everything into English. 
 The spirit was SO strong. It truly touched our hearts.
We left feeling better because of it

* The boys were up most of the night coughing so there was no church for us on Sunday.

We spent the entire day lounging around in our jammies and it was JUST what this family o' mine needed.

We've had the windows open all day with a nice little breeze coming we wait for it to rain. 

The ultimate bliss.


Happy March 1st.
What the what?!?
How did it get here so fast?

Tomorrow on the blog....
my MARCH Visiting Teaching handout!


  1. FUN FUn, except the coughing, have you tried Vicks Vapour rub on their feet at night then cover them with socks.. when my mother in law told me this, I thought she was nuts, but for my kids it works 100% crazy! LOL

    YOu had me at half price appetizers and diet coke, girl, I need to come visit ;)

    we have our stake conference in a few weeks, I can't wait.. and you have you windows open.. oh I wish.. it's -15 today LOL!

  2. Ohhhhh Heidi! I am totally going to have to try that Vicks trick. Never heard of it before my Grant literally coughs ALL night long. Thanks for the tip :) Stay warm. It's 60s and raining here today and I am freezing! ;) xoxo