Sunday, March 15, 2015

This Weekend:

* Friday morning we met my sister and her kiddos to see:
I can't even begin to explain 
HOW MUCH I LOVED this movie.

If you see only ONE movie over your Spring Break - - MAKE IT THIS ONE! It carries such sweet messages throughout the entire movie and the main actress and actor are absolutely darling.  

"Have Courage and Be Kind."

* Afterwards we grabbed lunch at In N' Out.

Because our buttered popcorn and sodas just weren't enough.

* Friday night date night - we headed over to downtown Gilbert for....

First - - the good part.

The food we had was REALLY good.
{Who would've ever thought food trucks could produce such yummy food?}

We tried a truck called 'The Traveling Monk' 
and it was delish.

I got the chicken alfredo burrito with bacon and spinach and it was divine.

How cute is Joe's sisters family?
They joined us along with Joe's brother and wife 
and my sister.

Now...the ridiculous/bad part of the whole evening.

The parking + traffic + trying to get out of there.
It was a NIGHTMARE!!!!!!
Like the worst traffic EVER EVER EVER!

It was horrible.
We were stuck for {almost} 2 hours and didn't move an inch. 

No joke.
I told Joe we are NEVER going into downtown Gilbert on a weekend night ever again.

Oh - - and ALL of the food trucks were PACKED with people. 
Like ridiculosly long lines EVERYWHERE.
I had high hopes of trying a few different trucks but the mass amounts of people killed that idea for us. 

Sort of a buzz kill.

* Saturday morning was our FIRST Saturday in a LONG LONG time where we didn't have ANYTHING planned.

At all.

And it was BLISS!

Joe and I slept in until 10.
{Who knows what my kids were doing til then?!}

I worked around the house.

Grocery shopped.

And we took the kiddos out for pizza at our favorite joint...

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
But only for Joe.

London was up all night with a fever.
Grant had a sore throat.
Carson and I had atrocious allergies.
{Yay for spring but BOO for pollen everywhere.}


This week marks WEEK 2 of our Spring Break.

On tap:
Busting out our Easter Decor
Dr's Appts
A princess camp for London 
More swimming 

Lots more sleeping in and lounging around

Happy Sunday!

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