Wednesday, April 22, 2015

2fer Tuesday {on Wednesday}.

This week has been kicking my bum so far.
Busy, busy.
It's GOOD to stay busy though, right?

2 People I Wish I Was Friends
 with in Real Life:
{as opposed to the imaginary friendship I have created in my mind}.

Steve Higgins
{aka Jimmy Fallon's side kick}.

I LOVE this man.
He is absolutely hysterical.
He cracks me up EVERY night with his one lines and the sounds he makes to go along with what Jimmy is talking about.

 Sean Hayes.

How could you not love him?
He's been SO funny to me ever since I started watching him on 'Will and Grace'.

And can you not laugh your guts out at THIS?

2 Clips that Warm My Heart:

Pandora's Mother's Day Ad

Oh goodness. 
This one got to me.
So sweet.
So SO precious.

Watch HERE.

Moments that Matter Most

Watch HERE.
SUCH an important reminder!

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