Tuesday, April 7, 2015

2fer Tuesday.

2 of my FAVORITE Finds 
on Pinterest this week:
{Are we friends on Pinterest? We should be.}

Is this not the greatest/cutest/easiest idea ever?

Buy a box of cupcakes from the store, 
{Little Debbie, Hostess...}
add some candles and a bow and wa-lah!

You have the perfect little treat to deliver to someone on their birthday! These would be so GREAT for friends, Visiting Teachers, even to SEND to someone far away...
like a missionary! or a relative!

Disclaimer: homemade cupcakes are ALWAYS better but come on....I don't know about you...but I don't always have the TIME for homemade.  And it's the thought that counts most anyways, right?

This. Is. Brilliant.

I am the WORLD'S WORST!!! at drying things I shouldn't. 
In fact usually - - if I'm contemplating buying something - - and then find out that it can't be dried in the dryer - - I don't buy it.  Because I ALWAYS forget and then end up ruining the said article of clothing...or EVEN WORSE....if I DO remember to leave it out, then....GASP! I have to IRON it!

Side Note: One of the ONLY things my mom and I do NOT have in common is the ability {and desire or lack thereof} to iron.  My mom irons her pillowcases.  My daughter doesn't even know what an iron is, that's how little I do it.  

No joke.

Dry erase marker - - you might just change things around for me though!

2 Phrases of Wisdom 
I'm Living By These Days:

I have such a love/dislike relationship with FAITH.

I LOVE the blessings that come from having faith.
It's something we ALL need in our lives.

I DISLIKE sometimes just how much faith and patience you actually need to have to see these blessings occur.

Having faith is HARD sometimes!
'Faith precedes Miracles'
I've seen it happen in my own life.

So FAITH it is!

This rings so true for my husband and I.
We absolutely ADORE our friends and those closest to us.
Why you ask???

Because they all make us LAUGH.
{Amongst many other things of course!}

Early on in our marriage - - as we started going out with different couples on date nights - - we soon acknowledged the fact that we WANT to be with people who make us laugh.

It is good for the soul.

We could care less: where you live, what you do for a living, how much money you make  - - 

If you can make us laugh!...
Chances are - - we want to be with you.

Because 'aint nobody got time' for 
Debbie Downers and Dull Duds.  Am I right?

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