Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2fer Tuesday.

2 {Healthy}-ish Popcorns
 that are SOOOO Good!

I don't know about YOU but I always get the munchies in the afternoon - right before I pick my kiddos up from school. In an effort to eat something somewhat healthy {thank goodness my Reeses eggs are GONE!} I've been on the hunt to find some YUMMY popcorn. I find that popcorn is totally filling. 

*Disclaimer - movie theater popcorn WITH butter AND salt is always my first choice.
 It  just is and always will be. 

The Boom Chick a Pop is AWESOME if you love Kettle Corn.
My husband is somewhat of a Kettle Corn snob and he even gives it 2 thumbs up! I found this huge bag at Costco.

LOVE the Skinnygirl Popcorn.
Discovered it at Target {shocking} and it is SO good.
Smaller bags so IF {hypothetically} you have to eat the whole entire bag - - you don't feel as guilty.

Just sayin.

{I may be a sucker for a good Buzzfeed every now and again}.

I'm definitely trying #22, #20, #15 and #9.

First off - How old does this make you feel?
30 years?!?!!

Second - I think I've seen this movie MORE than any other movie in my entire life.  I watched it ALL the time when I was little and wanted to be Helen Hunt so bad.


  1. ok.. I need to come to AZ because I have never seen that movie.. for real, it must not have made it to England!!!...I'm gonna search it out lol
    fact: I choke on popcorn every siNgle time I eat it lol

    1. What?? Never seen it?? oh you have got to look for it on Amazon. It is the BEST. Your girls will love it too! xoxo