Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2fer Tuesday.

2 food products NOT to Try:

I usually blog about things I LOVE.
In an effort of 'keeping it real' however, I also find the need to inform my readers of the 'bleh' things I also try.

I feel like I'll save YOU time and money by this.

Super disappointed in this protein bar - mainly because at first bite - it was absolutely delish.  I LOVE peanut butter. But the after taste? No thank you! I really have YET to find a good protein bar that doesn't leave a nasty cauliflower like after taste.

Any suggestions?

Don't waste your time on this.
Bleh flavor.
Stick to the Boom Chicka Pop I blogged about a few weeks ago.

2 Songs We Can't Get
 Enough of Right Now:

We blast this one every time we hear it.

And London ESPECIALLY loves it since the words 'shut up' are 'bad' words at our house and not allowed. 

I told her that singing this song is the only time we can say it.

Listen HERE.

I can't tell if this is POP or COUNTRY but I really don't care.
It's catchy and so easy to sing along to.
How can you NOT love it?!

Listen HERE.

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