Friday, April 3, 2015

50th Wedding Anniversary Party.

This past week my siblings and I held a SURPRISE 
50th Wedding Anniversary Party for my cute parents.

50 years of marriage!!!!!!
How awesome is that?!

I had Crafty D {she also does my Christmas cards} design the invitations.  I was so pleased with how they turned out. 

We went with a black, white, GOLD and pink color scheme.

A few weeks back I started collecting empty bottles.
I spray painted them all GOLD and then to some...I added glitter.

I filled them with artifical flowers {1/2 price at Hobby Lobby} and they turned out so cute. They ended up being quite inexpensive as well!

I hand traced the 5 - 0 's onto glitter cardstock and then added them to one centerpiece per table.

I knew I wanted some type of backdrop for the food table...
I purchased one of those science boards {the tri-fold kind} at Staples and then covered it in wrapping paper.

The pink pom garland was found at Target.

For beverages, we served my parents 2 favorite drinks:

Water & Diet Coke!
I designed the labels and had so much fun with those.

Needless to parents were VERY surprised, 
which was a HUGE relief.  I thought for sure someone was going to spill the beans....

Not to mention...keeping a secret from my mom is VERY hard. We talk numerous times a day!

We served appetizers and desserts and my sisters and I made all the food.

Food cards were purchased from Hobby Lobby and then I stuck each one on a toothpick and then down into a Ferrero chocolate. {Anything to keep with the gold theme, right?!}

My siblings and I - - right before my parents arrived.
Stephanie, Tori, me and Kirk.

Lamoreaux Grandkids minus one nephew at BYU.

Our kiddos had SO much fun at the party.
I personally, am shocked that they kept the secret!

Last but certainly not least.....a big huge thanks
 to the darling family who allowed us to host the party at their home. To say that their home is gorgeous is well, an understatement....

I've been dreaming of packing my bags and hiding in their guest room ever since!


  1. So wonderful that they were surprised! Love the decorations, what is on each table, boxes/trays covered in wrapping paper?

  2. Trying again, know you have been busy- what was used on each table under your cute vases/50th signs?

    1. Hi there! Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. It's just wrapping paper straight on the table {no boxes} purchased from Hobby Lobby. They have the BEST kind in my opinion and you can always use your coupon! xoxo

  3. Wow!! 50th wedding anniversary party. How beautiful moments are these. Isn’t it? I love spending such special moments with my family only. You know when I arranged my vow renewal party then I just invited my closed ones only.


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