Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cinco de Mayo ideas.

Cinco de Mayo is approaching and our family LOVES a good reason to snarf down mexican food.
{Let's be honest....We don't really need a reason.  We eat it all the time. It's our fave.}

If you're hosting a party of your own that are some super cute ideas you could use:

LOVE the idea of a self-serve Burrito bowl bar.
How brilliant to just lay out all of the different toppings in bowls.  P.S. That yarn garland? Beautiful!

Homemade Fried Ice-Cream.
Yes! Please!

This recipe uses Cinnamon Toast Crunch chopped up as the topping.  I like it already.

My husband guzzles El Pato like there's no tomorrow.
He eats it on EVERYTHING.

I really should start saving the cans so I can make cute little centerpieces like this one.

Who knew a pinata could also serve as a chip tray?
Heck - - any ole sombrero could be used for this awesome idea.  Just add salsa!

Sangria's are a MUST on Cinco de Mayo.
Of course I'm talking about the NON-ALCOHOLIC kind.

This recipe is SUPER tasty and kid approved.
It makes a TON so if you're just having a few people over - you could probably half it.

My recipe HERE.

Also...for one of my favorite homemade salsas click HERE.

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