Friday, April 17, 2015

Fun Finds Friday.

CUTE 4th of July stuff at Hobby Lobby.

If they had this tutu/lace leggings in London size I would totally be buying it.

Spot it is one of our family's very favorite games. {Left}
Hobby Lobby now has a FROZEN version that I'm pretty sure my kids would love too.  May have to get it for our cabin trip this summer.

Last at the Hob Lob......

This.  Tee. Pee.
Are you kidding me?
It's perfect!!!!
Pink + Polka Dots.
It needs to find it's way into London's room STAT.
{$109.99 so def use your coup}.

These chips are a new FUN FIND and they are TASTY!
I'm starting to think that EVERYTHING Cape Cod makes is delish.  {We LOVE their kettle chips}. We made nachos this week with these and I LOVED them.

Lasty - - if you need a little pick me up - - watch HERE.
I really think I need to start campaiging to be these guys friends in real life.  LOVE them so much!!!


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  1. hey! I have that Tee Pee. In my room! It was on sale for 30 bucks. Its big and awesome! 5 stars for sures