Sunday, April 5, 2015

This {Easter} Weekend:

* The kiddies were out of school on Friday and went swimming with friends all day.

While they were gone, I finally managed to re-group from my parent's party, unload my car, grocery shop and
 get laundry done. I find such huge satisfaction in all of that - - mainly because I despise doing most of it.

* Date night with some of our favorite peeps HERE.

I feel like we've eaten here A LOT lately {we have!} but the weather has been too good NOT to.  A few more weeks and we'll roasting doing ANYTHING outside. Gotta take advantage while we can.

* Saturday was spent watching General Conference.

In between sessions we managed to do one of my least favorite holiday traditions...

* Girls Night Out with some of my favorite ladies on 
Saturday night. We went to my 

So fun to get out with these girls and chat for a few hours.

* Sunday morning = more General Conference + Easter baskets brought to the kiddies by the E.B. {Easter Bunny} himself.

I made my super simple cinnamon roll casserole that we all devoured.  I need to share this recipe again soon. 
 It is SO good and SO easy.

It was so nice to be able to listen to our living Prophet and the Apostles of the church.  They gave such uplifting messages all morning and afternoon long.  

Some of my very favorite statements:

" How we live our religion is much more important than what we say about our religion." - Elder Robert D. Hales

" Average is the enemy of excellence." 
- Elder Kevin W. Pearson

* Easter dinner was held at my sister's house this year...

Are those not the cutest place settings ever?
She had the table set so pretty.

I ate so much I can barely move now {and it's even been a few hours!} We feasted on: ham, potato casserole, broccoli and cheddar casserole, glazed carrots, creamed corn, spincah salad and rolls.  Oh plus German chocolate cake for dessert.  

It. Was. Divine.

Totally not planned - - the matchey-matchey cousins.
The Easter Bunny brought all of these boy cousins the very same socks! 

We had our annual Easter Egg Hunt and Carson made out like a bandit with the dolla' dolla' bills YO!

Feeling so incredibly blessed this Easter season.
Grateful, indeed.


If you need a little something uplifting to finish off your Easter festivities - - watch THIS.

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