Sunday, April 26, 2015

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I went on a field trip with Carson's 3rd grade class.  We went to the movies...
{Popcorn + Diet Dr. Pepper = MY KIND OF field trip! I didn't even have to ride the bus! Double score!}

We saw this sweet movie {they're learning all about the Rainforest in their class right now} and we LOVED it.  Tina Fey does a GREAT job of narrating the whole thing.

Side Note: It kind of creeped me out just how human like these monkeys looked.  

Afterwards, we headed to the park for lunch and exploring.

I was AMAZED at how pretty it was there.
{This fun park is practically in my backyard and I've NEVER been before!}

Never in a million years did I used to think that AZ was 'pretty'. Having lived in Virginia and then Utah...AZ always seemed so BROWN and dry to me. 

But...I really have learned to LOVE this scenery.

And WHO KNEW we had PURPLE cactus around here?
I was fascinated!!!

* We spent the evening in Friday night and made homemade pizza with our kiddos.

Local peeps: Bashas has THE BEST fresh dough and sauce that you can buy - - right up by their bakery section. 

The rest of the evening was spent helping the boys practice for their talent show auditions this week.

Heaven help me.

I don't know who's more nervous.

Or them?
{Probably me.}

*Saturday morning we slept in and then headed over to the library.  My kids are on a reading kick right now and I couldn't love it MORE!

{Favorite series include: How to Train a Dragon, Percy Jackson, Dragonbreath and Stick Boy}.

* Saturday afternoon we had an early bday bash for Carson.
He invited a few friends to the movies with us to see...

They laughed their heads off { did Joe and I} and it was a FUN and EASY birthday party.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

*3 yes THREE! hour nap afterwards.

* Pot roast + mashed potatoes for dinner.
{It's been awhile!}

I saw this on Instagram tonight.
I couldn't agree more!


  1. Marci! We might be heading down to the Gilbert Temple at the end of May for a family sealing. Would you be willing to to a fun post of all your favorite restaurants in the Chandler/Mesa/Gilbert area? I always drool when you talk about your favorite places. :)

    1. You betcha!! I'll compile my list and share SOON! xoxo

    2. WooHoo! Can't wait...Thank you!