Sunday, May 31, 2015

This Weekend:

* Friday morning we went to our weekly Summer Movies.

We bought tix through the school and once a week we go and see a movie {usually one we've already seen} for only a buck. We'll do ANYTHING to get us outta the heat!
{Plus...when there's popcorn and soda can always count us in!}

This week's movie was The Lorax but London couldn't resist the Minnions. 
 Can't WAIT for that movie to come out!

* Magically my kids all went over to their friends' houses afterwards to play and I was able to grocery shop all by my very ownself.  Every once in awhile when the stars align like this - - I get SUPER excited because I actually have the time AND patience to whip out my coupons and 
'coupon shop' a little.

Let me be VERY clear though: I am NOT one of those Crazy Couponers nor could I EVER be.  Props to those who make it work though. I'm lucky just to REMEMBER the coupons in my purse, let alone price match and go to 5 bajillion different stores.  No thanks.

* Date night HERE for some of our very favorite 
Italian food around.

Yup, we pretty much licked our plates clean.

Dessert afterwards HERE.

Holy. Moly.
If you have NOT tried this place yet and you have one near you - -  GO!

It's piping hot donuts fresh from the fryer - - made HOWEVER you like!

{The OC donut is a MUST! I promise.}

I tried talking Joe into trying the Bacon Bomb but sadly, he wouldn't budge.

* Hit up Target afterwards.
News Flash: The freaks come out on Friday night.

For real.
Never seen/overheard so many 'odd' people at Target EVER as I did that night.

{And I'm there A.LOT.}

* Driving home around 8:00 I was reminded that summer in AZ is officially here to stay, as it was still above 100 degrees EVEN with the sun down. Sigh......

My cute nephew babysat for us.
London didn't wanna let him go.

* Saturday morning trip to the $ store.

Whenever I run here with the kids...I let them choose ONE item to purchase.  Watching them make up their minds is SO cute to me.  The boys debated long and hard over sunglasses, glow sticks or Big League bubblegum.  

The glow sticks and bubblegum won.

* Saturday night we had some fun couples over to our house for a GAME NIGHT.

I made THIS dessert and I'm wishing there were leftovers...but grateful there's not. {I'd eat it all!}

We busted out this new game.... 
{this version is new to us at least}

So fun.
You get to choose from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, and 10s.

The NEXT game I'm going to purchase will be this one...

Has anyone played it?
Looks SO fun!

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

* Napity-Nap afterwards.

* Chicken fajitas for dinner and then one of our FAVORITE friends brought over some ROOTBEER floats for dessert!

On tap this week:

* Cubscout Day Camp for the boys
{It's supposed to be 108 degrees. Yikes!}

* My new Visiting Teaching Handout

* Adding some fun Father's Day loot to my Etsy shop!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Fun Finds Friday.

Let's talk Target first....

Loving these cute little 'marquee' stars.
Battery operated and only $5.

Did you know Target has a 'Peanuts' line going on right now?

Polka dot Bunting!

Paper Placemats!

I've ALWAYS been a Snoopy fan and this just MADE MY DAY! {Fun Fact: I even had a dog named Snoopy growing up!}

In their party section....

Spotted this cute 'write whatever you want' chalkboard banner.  So fun!

 Over at the Hob Lob....
WHAT the WhAt?!?!?!

Are you kidding me?
It's not even 4th of July yet and they're busting out their Fall/Thanksgiving decor.  Oh. My.

Darling cake banner for $3.99. 
Could re-use MULTIPLE times.

2 Things I'm a sucker for: Burlap and Polka Dots.
Mixed into one!

Is this not the CUTEST glass/pitcher/tray set EVER?'s only $14.99.
I'm seriously tempted to go back tomorrow and buy it.

In Wal-mart this week....
{Can we all just agree that there is a constant funky smell at Wal-mart? 
ALL Wal-marts! No matter what?}

Patriotic BURLAP ribbon! 

And on clearance for ONLY A BUCK! were these cute ceramic jars with chalkboard labels. I tried and tried to think of a reason I might need to buy one or twenty of these....but I could not. Sigh.  Don't worry - - the second I DO think of how I could use them - - they'll all be sold out.

And on a different note.....

I know where the kids and I will be during 2-5 pm this summer!  Holla!! Taco Bell here we come!
{Seriously though - - my husband will probably be there EVERY day! He's a Dew fanatic.}

And HELLO there Reeses McFlurry!
I've MISSED you.
{It's just as good IF NOT BETTER than a DQ blizzard}.

I promise I've NEVER EVER heard of this name before.

And to think...they thave THIS name...and NOT MINE?
I'm starting to get a little bitter.

Heck, I'd even settle for a Marci - with a Y!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Last Day of School Festivities.

Summer is OFFICIALLY here in the Coombs household.

Per tra-dish, the kiddies woke up to some festive goodies waiting for them on the kitchen table....

It always amazes me when I look back to their FIRST day of school pics and compare them to their 
LAST day of school pics.

Why must they grow up SO DANG FAST?!

I figured since it was my last day of freedom - - I needed to savor every minute......

.....with a Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper. 
{Why do these taste EXTRA yummy first thing 
in the morning?}

London had her STAR DAY aka Kindergarten Graduation in the afternoon.....

I cried.
Like a baby.
And then bit my cheek super hard to stop myself from making  me look like a blubbering mess.

Afterwards, we swung by the boys' classrooms to say our goodbyes there, too.

We have absolutely ADORED our children's teachers this year.  They have truly become our friends.

We finished things off afterschool with snow cones at the park with fun friends.

So far I've only had one child in tears because he 'misses his' classmates. I'm placing bets on how far we get into the day tomorrow before someone says 'I'm Bored.'

Things I'm Looking Forward to This Summer:

* Sleeping In

* No bedtimes
{or routines for that matter}

* LOTS of swimming

* Finally reading some of those books I've had stashed away all year. {I love me a juicy book!}

* Cabin trip to Duck Creek
{Lamoreaux tradish}

* 4th of July in Cedar City

* Going up to the Salt Lake City area
{haven't been there in YEARS!}

Things I'm Not Looking Forward To:

The heat.
We've had SUCH a beautiful cool-ish May and sadly that all comes to an end this week.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Patriotic Summer Decor.

Tomorrow is the LAST day of school for my kiddos.
Summer officially begins at 3:05 PM.
We are excited.  VERY excited.

Over the weekend I swapped out all of my SPRING decor for my SUMMER decor which includes all things PATRIOTIC. 

I love decorating with patriotic decor because I can leave it up from Memorial Day clear til Labor Day.

Here are a few peeks from around our house right now:

Kitchen centerpiece.
Super Simple.
You can never have too many white daisies on hand.
Table runner from TJ MAXX.

Stuck my Fun little Find from the $ bins at Target right underneath our TV. {$3. And I had to dig for it!} 

LOVING this fun bunting too!

Printables are such an EASY way to decorate.
Check out my Patriotic board on Pinterest for more!

This little spot on my front porch might just be my VERY favorite thing about my house.  
Especially when our flag is up!

Patriotic Wreath HERE

Fun sign from Hobby Lobby.
{Shocking, I know.}

Happy {almost} Summer!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

This Weekend:

* Friday morning we headed over to the school to watch Grant perform in the Annual Talent/Variety Show.

He was the grand finale and --- he sure did bring down the house.

We're still wondering where he got his moves from.
SO proud of him!

* Errands the rest of the day and then date night Friday night!
We tried a new joint out in Queen Creek HERE.

The bread beforehand was AMAZING.
And of course we can't resist a pazookie 
when it's on the menu....

Not as good as the one at Oregano's but we snarfed it down, nonetheless.

* Saturday we lived in the pool.
And by 'we' I mean my kids.
It was only 80 degrees and that is WAY TOO COLD for me!

Carson had an End of the Year pool party at his 3rd grade teacher's house with all of his peeps.
So blessed to have this fabulous teacher in our lives!

Saturday night we had a Birthday Party at the pool right by our house. 

Joe braved the chilly temps and might have had too much fun in the lazy river.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

* Pot roast dinner + .......

Homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

We'll be spending the day tomorrow:

* Seeing Tomorrowland

* Swimming


* BBQing at my parent's house

We are READY for summer!
Just 2 days left of school.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Fun Finds Friday + some other randomness.

All FUN FINDS are from Target today.
{Shocking, I know}.

These banners! 
I couldn't resist. 
Tooooooo cute.
And cheap!

Cute little metal silverware holders.
Would be perfect for BBQs and picnics this summer!

Loving the whole NAUTICAL theme the $ bins have going on right now.  This burlap bin with rope handles is too great!

If you've read my blog for sometime now - - you KNOW I'm a sucker for these jar glasses.

LOVE the gingham!

I ALSO really love cute cake stands.
The blue one on the left is only $10 but I think I like the big white one the very best.

Again - - with the gingham!
So perfect for beverages.


I busted out my SUMMER/PATRIOTIC decor the other day.
Will share pics soon.

For now.....

I'm loving this easy centerpiece I whipped together.
Isn't that table runner cute?
Scored it at TJ MAXX a few days ago!

London's 4th of July outfit for this year has been purchased.
Found it at Sams Club JUST this week.
Couldn't resist.

Oh my heavens.
Have you been to the Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery?
I cannot resist when I am on that side of town. immature am I that I have been laughing 
NON-STOP at this book cover all day....