Tuesday, May 12, 2015

2fer Tuesday.

2 Things I am Looking Forward To:

You're never going to believe this but 2 hours ago I won tickets off of the radio station to this concert!!!!

And it's TONIGHT!!!

I am as giddy as a teeny-boppin' school girl.

Cannot. Wait.

{And yes - that's 2 radio station wins within the last 4 months.  This NEVER happens! Maybe I should play the lottery.}


Our annual trip to Utah this summer.
London has started a countdown on her calendar and there's only 40 something days to go.

Escaping the dry AZ heat in the middle of the summer and retreating to the cool nights and breezy days in southern Utah are one of my favorite things EVER.

Plus, this year we are heading up to the SLC/Provo/Heber/Park City area after our week at the cabin to spend time with fun friends!!

I love having things to look forward to.

2 Pictures Melting my Heart Right Now:

Why does she look so grown up in this pic?

Brownie Bear {her kindergarten class pet} got to come home with her yesterday and so we documented our afternoon activities which yes, involved eating dinner out.

My husband knows the way to my heart.
{It's corn dogs + Mickey}.

We've got 1 pass down and 4 more to buy.
{Disneyland = too stinkin expensive. But crazies like us are obsessed so we give them our money.}

We decided on Mother's Day that our next trip there would be in September. {Remember...I like having things to look forward to?}

Happy Tuesday!!!
I'm spending the rest of my day deciding which neon shirt to wear to the concert with my acid wash jeans.

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  1. Where did you get your Disney ticket?
    Also, thanks for all your fun ideas and sharing them!!


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