Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fun Finds Friday {on Saturday}.

 It's been THREE weeks since my last FUN FINDS FRIDAY.
The month of MAY has been keeping me busy BUSY busy.

Only 7 more days left of school for my kiddos and then maybe JUST maybe - - our life will slow down a bit. being home = less shopping all by very own self soo....may just have to hire a few babysitters this summer. {Chuckle}.

I really do have a weird love/obsesh with jars these days.
JoAnn's has ALL sorts - - in ALL different colors.

 In the $ bins at Target {$3 actually} are these CUTE jar/lanterns that would be SO fun to light up for summer nights or Girls Campl

These clear ones are only $1!

How fun are these cute little tiara headbands from Target?

Spotted in their party section.

Over at Hobby Lobby.....

These darling little berry containers that you could put basically ANYTHING in. A package of 9 is $7.99 but with your 40% coupon - - it's a bargain!

Also spotted these cute soda pop cardboard containers in all different colors and styles.

Dollar Tree had a couple of good finds recently....

Smooth edged jars with chalkboard lids.
LOVE love LOVE!!!

Darling chevron water bottles.
Girls Camp peeps - - these would be fun!

And over at Walmart...

I have no idea why I think this game is so cute all packaged up in a soup can - - but it IS! I may just have to pick one up to take to the cabin with us this summer.

Also at Walmart {and everywhere else}...

Ew! Ew! Ew!

I mean I haven't actually tasted them but - - 
is there no flavor OREO passes up on?

Seen online.....

I love EVERYTHING aboutt his Kate Spade Dinnerware.

LOVE this quote.

And the above picture is way too much ME lately.

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