Friday, May 29, 2015

Fun Finds Friday.

Let's talk Target first....

Loving these cute little 'marquee' stars.
Battery operated and only $5.

Did you know Target has a 'Peanuts' line going on right now?

Polka dot Bunting!

Paper Placemats!

I've ALWAYS been a Snoopy fan and this just MADE MY DAY! {Fun Fact: I even had a dog named Snoopy growing up!}

In their party section....

Spotted this cute 'write whatever you want' chalkboard banner.  So fun!

 Over at the Hob Lob....
WHAT the WhAt?!?!?!

Are you kidding me?
It's not even 4th of July yet and they're busting out their Fall/Thanksgiving decor.  Oh. My.

Darling cake banner for $3.99. 
Could re-use MULTIPLE times.

2 Things I'm a sucker for: Burlap and Polka Dots.
Mixed into one!

Is this not the CUTEST glass/pitcher/tray set EVER?'s only $14.99.
I'm seriously tempted to go back tomorrow and buy it.

In Wal-mart this week....
{Can we all just agree that there is a constant funky smell at Wal-mart? 
ALL Wal-marts! No matter what?}

Patriotic BURLAP ribbon! 

And on clearance for ONLY A BUCK! were these cute ceramic jars with chalkboard labels. I tried and tried to think of a reason I might need to buy one or twenty of these....but I could not. Sigh.  Don't worry - - the second I DO think of how I could use them - - they'll all be sold out.

And on a different note.....

I know where the kids and I will be during 2-5 pm this summer!  Holla!! Taco Bell here we come!
{Seriously though - - my husband will probably be there EVERY day! He's a Dew fanatic.}

And HELLO there Reeses McFlurry!
I've MISSED you.
{It's just as good IF NOT BETTER than a DQ blizzard}.

I promise I've NEVER EVER heard of this name before.

And to think...they thave THIS name...and NOT MINE?
I'm starting to get a little bitter.

Heck, I'd even settle for a Marci - with a Y!

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