Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Last Day of School Festivities.

Summer is OFFICIALLY here in the Coombs household.

Per tra-dish, the kiddies woke up to some festive goodies waiting for them on the kitchen table....

It always amazes me when I look back to their FIRST day of school pics and compare them to their 
LAST day of school pics.

Why must they grow up SO DANG FAST?!

I figured since it was my last day of freedom - - I needed to savor every minute......

.....with a Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper. 
{Why do these taste EXTRA yummy first thing 
in the morning?}

London had her STAR DAY aka Kindergarten Graduation in the afternoon.....

I cried.
Like a baby.
And then bit my cheek super hard to stop myself from making  me look like a blubbering mess.

Afterwards, we swung by the boys' classrooms to say our goodbyes there, too.

We have absolutely ADORED our children's teachers this year.  They have truly become our friends.

We finished things off afterschool with snow cones at the park with fun friends.

So far I've only had one child in tears because he 'misses his' classmates. I'm placing bets on how far we get into the day tomorrow before someone says 'I'm Bored.'

Things I'm Looking Forward to This Summer:

* Sleeping In

* No bedtimes
{or routines for that matter}

* LOTS of swimming

* Finally reading some of those books I've had stashed away all year. {I love me a juicy book!}

* Cabin trip to Duck Creek
{Lamoreaux tradish}

* 4th of July in Cedar City

* Going up to the Salt Lake City area
{haven't been there in YEARS!}

Things I'm Not Looking Forward To:

The heat.
We've had SUCH a beautiful cool-ish May and sadly that all comes to an end this week.

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