Tuesday, May 19, 2015


It's no big shocker that my husband and I enjoy eating out.
It's pretty much our favorite thing to do. 
{Seeing a movie at the movie theaters is a very close second!} 

After getting multiple requests from 'Out of Town' readers as to my FAVORITE places to eat here in the valley 
{apparently Phoenix is a preferred travel destination} - - 
I decided it was finally time to make a list to share.  

Here are some things you should know about this list:

* These are our VERY FAVORITE joints. I have personally tried each one of these places NUMEROUS times. 

* I'm grouping these restaurants into categories and will * my #1 favorite of each category.  That said - - I honestly and truly love them ALL.  

*I am not sponsored by OR getting paid from ANY of these restaurants.  These opinions are 100% my own.

OH and P.S. - - if any of my faithful readers visit the area soon - - lemme know! We can meet at one of these places :)


* Tia Rosas - - this place is a MUST. It's located in Gilbert on Higley and Guadalupe and their mexican food is as yummy as it gets! They have a gorgeous patio to sit out on when the weather is nice, filled to the brim with beautiful flowers and plants. 

Their chips and salsa are heavenly.
Their beans are DELISH.
And their shredded beef and chicken are my fave.
Oh and one other thing worth mentioning - -their Diet Coke is the bomb diggity. And they serve it in a HUGE cup so you don't have to keep asking for refills.

I always order: the soft tacos or the flying saucer.

Mangos - - this cozy little joint is in downtown Mesa and it is always a MUST for my husband and I after visiting the Mesa Temple. It's an order at the counter type of place and is full of colorful artwork and optional sidewalk seating.

LOVE their chips and salsa.
They have Diet Dr. Pepper on tap.

I always order: the Killer Burrito with shredded beef, no guac and red sauce.

To Die For.

El Sol - - we JUST discoverd this tiny little restaurant not too long ago but we've buying their salsa from Costco for years now.  It's the best! 

Located in downtown Chandler - - EVERYTHING is good.

You order at the counter.

Their most popular item: their breakfast burritos 
{served all day}.

You can also buy freshly made tortillas to go.


Morenos - - a family favorite of ours.

Awesome bean dip! Note: the first little bowl is complimentary and then it's 99 cents for each additional one.

Located on Gilbert and Germann  right on the border of Gilbert and Chandler.

I always order: the Pollo Fundido OR their green corn tamales. {Fave tamales around, hands down!}

Carolinas - - warning: this place is GHETTO!
Like - - you probably shouldn't go here alone at night.
{And I mean it!}

If you can get past it's apperance {bars on the windows and doors} you will LOVE it.

It's located in downtown Phoenix and is ALWAYS voted 'BEST of PHOENIX'.

Their tortillas are the best!

I order: Any type of burrito. You can't go wrong.
Side Note: Ask to get it 'double wrapped'. Helps the insides to not spill out as much.

*This place is my husbands VERY fave*


The Hangar Cafe - - another family favorite. Our kids LOVE going here!

It's located right at the Chandler airport {Cooper and Germann}. It's SO FUN to watch the airplanes literally arrive and depart RIGHT at the restuarant.  They even have an observatory deck you can go up on to watch.

It's homestyle cooking and super tasty.

I order: the Dutch scramble

* The Farmhouse - - located in downtown Gilbert - - go here when you are HUNGRY. They serve HUGE portions.

Yummy Diet Cokes served in BIG HUGE glasses.

Cute and quaint little place. If you go on a weekend - - be prepared for a little wait.

I order: their french toast or their egg scrambles.

You can't go wrong with ANYTHING here.

Yoli's Cafe - - just discovered this gem this past year.
Located in downtown Chandler - - they have both indoor and outdoor seating.  

They are famous for their Hawaiian French toast {which is also what I order} and it is DIVINE!!!

It's a tiny little place but if you like homestyle breakfast - - you will LOVE it!


* Floridinos - -  No joke - - when Joe and I were first married - - we went her at least 3 times a week. Their lunch specials are the bomb and super cheap.

Located in Chandler on Alma School between Chandler Blvd. and Ray Rd.


I order: their fettuccini alfredo WITH chicken, their pizza muffins {you MUST try!} or their calzones.

Their pazzokies for dessert are ALSO A MUST!

Rigatony's - - located in Tempe this place serves authentic Italian food.

I order - - their chicken scallopini.

They also serve super yummy bread with a balsamic dipping sauce before the meal comes out.

* This place is my husbands fave *

* Oreganos - -  ok I had to star this place too. It's a tie with Floridinos. Super yummy. Super fun atmosphere.  Serving sizes that are HUGE. And the BEST pazookie dessert ever.

They have multiple locations around the valley.

I order: their Vino Bambino salad OR their pizza.
Side Note: order the half portion of their salad.  It's ginormous.

Mod Pizza - - located across the street from San Tan mall in Gilbert. This place is fun. They have a super fast cooking wood fire grill that cooks your own personal pizza in like 5-10 minutes.  You can add however many toppings you'd like and the price doesn't change. Score!

I order: The Dominic with grilled chicken and artichokes added.

Dragon Wok - - 


San Tan Flat - - located in San Tan Valley. This place is a family favorite.  If we bring our kids, we order burgers and fries and eat outside by the fire pits.  Afterwards we roast marshmallows for s'mores. {Bring your own stuff for the s'mores. They charge way too much for theirs}.

If Joe and I go on a date night here - we sit inside and order their steak and ribs.  TO DIE FOR.  Oh and their creamed corn.....yum!!! Good salad bar as well.

Liberty Market - - right in the heart of downtown Gilbert this is a fun little place but not one that we take our kids to. You order at the counter and then they bring it out to you.  

I order: the pasta with grilled chicken and minestrone soup

And try their desserts.  All of them!

Zinburger - - in Gilbert, right next to Liberty Market.
Pricey burgers but well worth the penny.

I order: the 'Zinburger' and Reeses milkshake.
My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
Also not so much a place for kids.

Joe's Farm Grill - - locatd in Gilbert on Higley and Ray -- this is the PERFECT family place ESPECIALLY when the weather is nice outside.  It's mostly outdoor seating and the kids can run wild.  It usually smells like fresh oranges from their orange trees too so that's an added bonus.

I think they serve my very favorite burger of all time here.

I order: a cheeseburger with grilled onions.
Oh and make sure and order whatever their seasonal shake is.  They grow all of their own fruit and veggies behind the restaurant and you can tell it's so fresh!

San Tan Brewery - - located in the heart of downtown Chandler this place has sort of a hipster feel to it.  It has an AWESOME happy hour with the most delicious appetizers.

I order: the sliders or the pretzel with cheese dip

The Perch - - also located in the heart of downtown Chandler - - we discovered this little gem this past year.  It's mostly outdoor seating and has a huge area of caged birds from all around the world that talk and sing and are fun to listen to.  

I order: the grilled cheese artichoke sandwich or the prime rib dip sandwich.

All of their entrees come with a side of tater tots.
Napoleon Dynamite would be proud.

I LOVE the ambience of this place and it's so perfect for date nights.

Local Peeps: What places am I missing? What's your FAVORITE place to eat around the valley? Comment if you're willing to share with my readers!


  1. Great list! Can't wait to visit my girlfriend in Gilbert in October. She'll be amazed at all the places I can take her, if she doesn't already know about them. Love your blog and all your creative ideas, I've used many of them. Thanks

  2. Great list! Another restaurant to add is Nello's Pizza. They are my favorite! They have locations in Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale and Phoenix. The Murphy (bacon and onion pizza) is the best. They also have the most delicious house salad dressing.

  3. I wish Tia Roas's was on the west side. That place is the best!

  4. I loved reading your list and I'm pinning it for future reference. Similar to Mod Pizza, Fired Pie is also really good. La Grande Orange in Phoenix is one of my favorites. It's a store / restaurant and the food is so good. I love the Sonoma Salad. The dessert is delicious, too. We really love Eastern Indian Food, especially Indian Oven in Gilbert. I also love Pita Jungle. I agree with you about Liberty Market and Oreganos. Yum! I'm excited to try several places on your list I haven't tried yet. Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. P.S. The parking at La Grande Orange is terrible, though. It's a very small lot. We usually park on the street, as it's in a neighborhood.


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