Monday, May 4, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Breakfast.

Today marks the FIRST day of Teacher Appreciation Week!
Our PTO has LOTS of fun things in store 
all throughout the week for the teachers we LOVE so much.

We started things off this morning with a 
RISE and SHINE breakfast.

I thought a whole SUNSHINE theme would be most fitting.

Chevron wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby
 covered all of the tables. 
{Tip: One roll covered 3 - 6 ft tables perfectly.}

Water bottle labels + Banner from HERE.

I set up a sign-up sheet via Facebook and had parents sign up to bring: Egg Casseroles, French Toast casseroles and roll-ups, hasbrowns, fresh fruit, muffins and bagels.

It was quite the feast.

Two of my fave teachers right here!

In case you're's what we have lined up for the rest of the week:
{I placed one of these in each of the teachers mailboxes last week
 so they knew what they had to look forward to!}


  1. Lucky teachers and staff! Again, am blown away with all the details:)

  2. I don't think there is any better way to show appreciation to teachers than with FOOD!!! :) :) LOVE LOVE LOVE the week that's been planned out! I have a question though- I know you are just in charge of the food portion stuff so that's what you posted here, but do you do any other gifts or things for teachers during the week? Just curious. I am on our PTO board and love to hear all the ideas from other schools!

  3. Where did you get your printables for all of your signs on the table? Love those! Is it from the same site you got the banner?


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