Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Ideas.

In case you haven't heard....
this week is national TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK!

I will FOREVER be grateful for the people that teach 
my children.  To say that they are sorely underpaid is well...and understatement.

Today, as part of the PTO, we set up a SNACK BAR station for the teachers to grab treats all throughout the day.

In case you're at a loss as to WHAT to give your teachers this are a FEW of my FAVORITE ideas:
{All with FREE printables so how easy is that?!}

The $ store carries nailpolish and it's pretty good stuff!
Find out their favorite colors and bam! you have yourself a nice little present.

I'm telling you - - that cup in the background is quite possibly my FAVORITE purchase EVER.  I've now given it to all of my kids' teachers since last year. $8.88 at Walmart.

Love Love LOVE this one because let's be many crafts made outta crayons can one teacher take?!


And quite possibly the FUNNIEST idea out there....


Would even be cute on a big 2 liter Diet Coke.

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