Sunday, May 10, 2015

This {Mother's Day} Weekend:

* We kicked things off at the school with our annual 
Muffins for Moms breakfast.

So grateful for such a GREAT school that my kiddos go to.
Grateful to my hubby also, who got up EXTRA early to help serve the muffins and oj.

The rest of my day was spent setting up, serving and then taking down our last and final HOORAH for 
Teacher Appreciation Week....

Details on this fun lunch coming tomorrow!

* London's Kindergarten class held a special Mother's Day Hawaiian Luau in their classroom at the end of the day...

"Happy Mothers Day. I'll give you presents and bear hugs."

What more could a mom ask for, right?

This was seriously the SWEETEST program I think I've ever been to.

I cried.
Like seriously cried, it was so cute.

* Friday night date night to see this movie....

Holy Moly.
PLEASE go see it.

We both LOVED it!
Such a sweet, heartwarming story.

Best we've seen in a LONG time.

Afterwards we kicked it at Chili's with some apps and dessert while we watched the NBA and NHL finals.

How am I just now discovering this delicious goodness? was tasty!

* Saturday was Daddy/Daughter date day.....

{Apple Dumplings}

+ Mother/Sons date day.

This pic was taken .02 seconds after I told them to give each other a kiss for the camera.


* Saturday night we took my parents out to dinner and tried a new Chinese food restaurant....

Happy to say we FINALLY have found a place for our chinese food cravings.

This place is as authentic as it gets!!
{Good chinese is rare here in AZ}

Their orange chicken was absolutely amazing.
REAL orange chicken!!!

Local Peeps: It's on Cooper & Ray in Gilbert.
Was featured on Fox 10 News and so we gave it try.

Two thumbs WAY up.

So fun spending Mother's Day {Eve} with my mom.
So blessed to live so close to she and my dad.

I am who I am today - - because of her.
Grateful, indeed.

* 8:30 AM churchey-church on Sunday.

Getting a decent pic beforehand is no small feat.
How many takes do you have to take before finally getting one to work?

London and I's matchey-matchey dresses from HERE.

* Brunch made by Joe afterwards...
Pancakes + Hasbrowns + Eggs + Bacon

....followed by a huge NAP after that.

*Sunday night we had dinner with Joe's side of the family at his parent's house.

Grateful for such a sweet mother-in-law who raised such a remarkable young man. 
Blessed to live so close to them, as well! 

{We are spoiled}.


Happy Mother's Day blog readers!!!
Hope you were pampered and spoiled and able to sleep in. Or take a nap.
Or enjoy some chocolate in a closet all by yourself.

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