Sunday, May 3, 2015

This Weekend:

 * The boys went on a Father and Sons campout 
this weekend.
Look at those dirty thumbs!

So while London was at school - - I ran errands which involved a stop at my new fave bakery.

You MUST try this cookie...

It's called the OVERLOAD and it is SOOO good.
Oats + Coconut + Pretzels + Chocolate Chips.
I need to find a copycat recipe ASAP.

 ..... and prepped for Teacher Appreciation week...

It's amazing how much you can get done when you have the house to yourself!

* Friday night we had a GIRLS NIGHT OUT with some of our FAVORITE friends.

Fun Fact: When you order the chips and salsa at Chilis - ask for a side of ranch and then mix together the salsa and ranch for SALSA/RANCH.  Divine! Thank you Melissa for introducing me to this bit of goodness! 

Afterwards we came back to my house to watch the highly anticipated Bruce Jenner interview from last week.

I really enjoyed it.

* Saturday was spent 
shopping, shopping and more shopping. 

How happy am I that my daughter loves to shop just as much IF NOT MORE than me?! Gosh, I love having a girl!

* The boys came home shortly after and the rest of the evening was spent cleaning them AND their clothes AND their blankets AND my car.

Dirt = FUN and they had a BLAST!

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
I may have teared up a few times during our Sacrament Testimony meeting. It was SO good.

And then I may have teared up a couple more times during Primary.  Our primary chorister = the bomb.

* Sunday night was spent working on Carson's JAGAUR project for his Rainforest unit.

Why are projects such a hassle?
SO glad to have this one checked off our list!


This Week:

Carson turns NINE tomorrow!

It's Teacher Appreciation Week! 
Can't wait to show you what is in store.

And Tuesday is Cinco de Mayo.
Bring on the salsa!


  1. The Taco Time in Tremonton Utah mixes ranch and salsa and calls it casa sauce. It's fantastic!

  2. Hi Marci! I wanted to post this under your May Visiting Teaching ideas but there was some weird stuff on your site about some sort of lending scam so I wasn't sure if you would get this. You may want to check out some of the comments because they looked like they were tied to your blog but I couldn't tell for sure. Anyway, I was looking for a primary idea and spotted your site. I love it! I usually get my visiting teaching handouts from another source but she doesn't post it until the very first day of the new month. So I loved that you already had some ideas for May! I chose Elder Cook's talk and plan to buy some gloves at the dollar store with some summer bulbs. I'm so excited to browse your site when I have more time. Thank you so much!


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