Sunday, May 17, 2015

This Weekend:

* Carson had his 3rd grade Rainforest Program.

Big huge thanks to Grandma Lamoreaux who helped him paper mache his jaguar.
{Paper mache-ing = never in this house again!}

Fun Fact - - did YOU know that jaguars had spots on em just like cheetahs? You did? I'm the only one who didn't? Huh.

It RAINED on Friday!

And yes - - since RAIN is SO rare here in the desert, I always let my kids {Carson + BFF} play in it when it happens.

* Date night Friday night HERE.

3 of my favorite things: 
Diet Coke with lime, chips and salsa and Joe.

Afterwards, we attended the cutest wedding reception of one of my past Young Women that I taught and adore.

Beautiful bride.
Beautiful cake.

So happy for this cute couple.

* Saturday I went with a few of my favorite peeps to see....

It was cute.
Not nearly as cute/funny as the first one though.

Stopped by Costco afterwards....
{Something I usually ALWAYS try and avoid doing on Saturdays.}

Luckily, I had these two by my side to make it somewhat enjoyable.

* School pool party Saturday night.

It was 75 degrees and my kids were FREEZING!
They requested hot cocoa as soon as we got home.
{Side note: the pool was heated.  We are AZ wimps}.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
Our primary kiddos are learning THIS song for Father's Day and OMG - - it is SO pretty.  
Our singing lady picks THE BEST songs!

*Sunday night we had some of our FAVORITE friends over for dinner. 

{These two just so happen to also be Carson and Grant's school teachers and we love them to death.}

We grilled steak + chicken and then topped things off with pazookies for dessert.  
I can't think of a better way to end the weekend!  

Blessed, indeed.


  1. what a stunning bride.. wow!!
    I loved pitch perfect .. I laughed soo hard on that last scene but yes the first one way better!
    what a fun weekend!!

  2. What a great jaguar!
    I had to laugh about the hot chocolate--that sounds like something that would happen in our California desert, too!


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