Tuesday, June 23, 2015

2fer Tuesday.

2 Fun & Quick Reads:

You'll be super surprised to see what some of these women look like! Totally NOTHING like I had envisioned. 
{'Belle' especially!}

These are good!
And trust me - - I'm pretty proficient in all things Target.
Even a few of these tips were NEW to me!

2 Fun Finds:
{Since I've been slacking on my Fun Finds Friday lately}

These latern jars!
Only $2.98 at Wal-mart.
Wouldn't they be FUN to line your driveway with on the 4th of July - - all lit up with candles inside?

And this one's not as much of a FIND as it is a FUN IDEA!
My niece had a SWIM party for her birthday yesterday and so my sister whipped up these mermaid tail towels as party favors.  Aren't they darling?? 

She just used elastics to make the tail and then velcro strips around the waist! London LOVED hers.

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