Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day 1 - Southern Utah.

Our first day at the cabin brought us down the mountain to Cedar City - - a place I called home for 3 years.

I attended S.U.U.and loved every second of it.

Naturally - - I'm trying to brainwash my kids at an early age that THIS is where they want to go, too.

{Joe wishes he attended as well.}

We also stopped by one of my favorite little drugstores ever.

{I had to explain to my kids that a 'drug-store' wasn't a bad thing. It's an old fashioned term I've used all my life.  This very same 'drugstore' was the same place we'd go as little kids when we'd visit my grandparents in the summertime to buy penny candy.}

My mom taught us a FUN new card game called 4 square...

.....and I've been sitting out on our front porch enjoying our view as much as possible.

Oh - - I started THIS book and already love it!
{A full review on ALL the books I'm reading when I get home.}

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