Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer-y Slush-y Drinks to Try.

It's been 115 degrees here ALL week long.
I wish I were kidding...but I'm not.

Us 'Zonies hibernate in the summertime.
It's like what people in the cold weathered states do during their winter snowstorms. 

While I could sip away on my Diet Dr. Pepper all day inside - - I do like coming up with fun, new and refreshing drink ideas for my kiddos.  ANYTHING to keep us hyderated in this heat!

I've started a list of drinks that I want to try out this summer and these are at the top of my list:

Watermelon Slushie!

This one is PERFECT for the leftover watermelon we always seem to have each week. Oh -- and it has a secret ingredient: Cool Whip!

Ocean Water!

This one's not technically a 'slush-y' per say but it looks FUN and REFRESHING nonetheless.

Plus - - my kids are SURE to love it since Sweedish Fish are involved.

Frozen Strawberry Limeade
No description necessary.

Orange PushUp Smoothie

Remember eating orange PushUps as a kid?
I do.
This smoothie looks like a big gulp of heaven.

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  1. Time to get that Vitamix blender and live it up with these drinks!