Sunday, June 14, 2015

This Weekend:

* Friday morning London went to Princess Camp.

Princess Camp = the cutest litle 2 hour 'camp' that my darling 14 year old niece puts on complete with princess activities, crafts, games and lunch.  

London went as 'Jasmine' and had the time of her life.

Meanwhile.... the boys and I went to our weekly summer movies and saw....

This is such a CUTE movie.
{Yes we've seen it before.  But like I always say....if there's popcorn and soda involved...
we are IN!}
Bruno Mars is so dang funny in this.

* Pizza Party afterwards at one of our favorite friends' house for lunch.  There were 17 kids under one roof.
I WISH I would've remembered to take a pic of that.
Crazy - Fun - times.

* Date night Friday night took us here.....

And it was JUST what we both needed.
I always seem to feel such PEACE when I am inside.

Not to mention - - I was able to read and ponder Alma 32 - 34 while I was there and it really REALLY spoke to me.

It's funny how you can read the scriptures over and over and over again and EACH time - - different passages pop out to you.

Dinner afterwards at one of our fave spots.
There's a coupon floating around Facebook right now for a buy one salad or burrito - GET ONE FREE.

What a steal!

The Hot Cookie Truck was parked just across the street and so we found it necessary to hightail it there afterwards for dessert.

If you ever go -- get 'The Tomboy'.
{Especially, if you like peanut butter}.

* Saturday morning our cute little nephew got baptized.

The Coombs Clan minus one of Joe's brothers and his wife
 and Joe's sister.
Yup, that's Carson posing front and center.
Hamming it up as usual! 

And can you even STAND this COUSIN CUTENESS?!?

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

* Dinner at my parents house...

And then Joe and I got to take our cute friend with the missionaries 
to a Fireside over at ASU.

SO. good!
It was the PERFECT way to end our weekend.

Just wanted you all to know what we'll be dealing with here this week. The struggle is real. 
It's time for us 'Zonies to officially hibernate.

Thank GOODNESS we have a trip planned to Utah coming up! 

Utah summers = bliss.


  1. I don't know about the Utah summers being bliss,lol.
    I drove up to Seattle and am loving the temperatures. Not looking forward to the drive back with the temps.

  2. so fun!!
    when are u in utah??
    I'm going in august!


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