Sunday, June 21, 2015

This Weekend:

* Friday - - London finished off her 
'Busy with the Buists' camp.

The boys' 3rd grade teacher and her husband held this FUN little camp all week and spoiled London ROTTEN! 

Grant and Carson got to go on the last day
 and swim with her.

Doesn't Carson look like he's walking on water?
LOVE this pic!

* Meanwhile - I ran errands and treated myself to lunch at Jimmy Johns.

I feel the need to express my opinion about this place.

People RAVE about it ALL the time.
I'm not sure why.

3 Problems with Jimmy Johns:
#1: They don't have onions.
#2: You can ONLY get mustard ON THE SIDE in a tiny little packet.

I will give them credit however for having good bread.

But that is all.

* Friday night we took my parents out to dinner for Father's Day HERE {It's one of my dad's fave places}.

Taking the above photo was no easy task.

We had a random lady photobomber in the background and we died laughing!

* Saturday morning while Joe golfed, 
the kiddies and I went to see....


This might just be my new FAVE movie.
It has such a DARLING message and Amy Poehler is an absolute crack up!

Also - - the 'short' before the movie even began called LAVA - - too too cute!!! I cried!

* We stopped at Old Navy afterwards to grab some 4th of July shirts for the boys.

Big Mistake.

It was $1 flip flop day and the place was PACKED!

Remember how I once said that I usually avoid shopping ANYWHERE on Saturdays?! I don't know why I seemed to forget this that day.

I was also quickly reminded as to WHY I usually get a babysitter when I go shopping during the week.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

We celebrated JOE! and he took a 4 hour nap after church.
{I was mildly jealous}.

* We hosted Father's Day dinner at our house this year for Joe's side of the family.

Joe's brothers - minus his identical twin - with their dad.
Grateful for such great in-laws.

This is how we do 'drinks' at our house.
We're so wild and crazy, huh?

On tap for this week:

* Prepping for our Utah Summer Va-cay.
I can't wait.

* My cute friend is getting BAPTIZED this week!!!
I can't wait.


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    1. Heading up there over the 4th of July!! Can't wait for some cooler temps! xoxo


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