Friday, July 31, 2015

August Visiting Teaching Handout: Humility.

This month's Visiting Teaching lesson is on - - -

My handout this month is based around one of my favorite things: Pie! 

Because EVERYONE needs a little slice of HUMBLE PIE
 in their life, right?!

And I just LOVE the quote that President Monson has said about HUMILITY. It's SUCH a good reminder.

Now - - there are a few different options to go with this handout that I'd like to share with my blog reading peeps.

#1: You can pair the tag up with a mini Marie Calendar's pie, found in the freezer section of most grocery stores.

These pies are HANDS DOWN my fave and I LOVE that they now sell them in MINI form.

At Wal-mart they are $2.27 for ONE box - - however TWO mini pies come in the box so it's just over $1 each.

The chocolate satin pie is my absolute FAVORITE! but they have them in all different flavors.

#2: I also spotted at Wal-mart - - - 

These fun little mini FRUIT pies in cute little cardboard boxes. These run only 88 cents per pie!

And they're super cute!

{Given the option though - - I will forever and ALWAYS choose CHOCOLATE over FRUIT. ANY day! Lol.}

These pies are found over in their bakery section right next to the larger regular sized pies.

They have Sugar Free MINI pies available AS WELL!

Such an added bonus if you visit teach a sister who can't do sugar!

Now - - say you REALLY wanna spoil your sister and it's her birthday month or something - -

A regular sized fruit pie is only $3.98.
I thought that was such a bargain.

But again....I'd choose the cream pies any day...

And they're just a $ more.

#3: You could whip up 
some mini pies yourself!

They sell these cute mini graham cracker pie crusts {also at Wal-mart but I've seen them at Target and other places too!} that I've used before and they are yummy!

There are 6 in a package for only $1.68.
But this requires YOU actually making the pie.

And most days - - if you're like me - -
 ain't nobody got time for that!
Am I right?!

The point is - - 

No matter HOW you decide to present this message, fruit pie, cream pie, NO pie - - -
as long as it is from the heart - - your sisters will love and appreciate it.

Like I said before - - it's a message we ALL need to hear.

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Happy Visiting Teaching!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday Inspiration.

I have an 'Inspiration' board on my Pinterest site that I like to keep random tidbits of goodness - - ya know for those days where you just need a little extra pick me-up?

I LOVE refelcting on the words of wisdom from people much wiser than myself.

Today I'm sharing with you some of my FAVES.



So....this one is basically saying that Diet Dr. Pepper is my calling in life.  Right?!


My mom's words from since I was little still resonate in my ears to this day {and yes, she keeps on reminding me!}...

"Don't judge another person until you've walked a mile in their shoes."


Joe and I were JUST having a conversation the other night at dinner with our kids about this one.  

My kids were SHOCKED to find out that SOMETIMES - - when I drive in the car by myself - - I turn all off all of the music and I silence my phone and JUST listen and think. 

There is something quite beautiful about the sound of silence. Often MORE times than not - - it's when I receive  answers to my prayers which I so badly need at times.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

2fer Tuesday.


Their voices are so clean and so pure.
They take this familiar song to a WHOLE new level.

New fave song RIGHT HERE!!!!
LOVE the message.


We gave this a whirl last week for dinner and it did not disappoint.  It's packed with flavor.

Joe threw it on the grill and then we sliced it up and used it in fajita burritos.  We will DEFINITELY be purchasing it again. 

One package fed my family of 5 + my sister + my nephew + we had leftovers the next day!


I know I've blogged about the Boom Chicka Pop KETTLE CORN before - - but since this Sea Salt bag was on sale - - I tried it too.

It is my new fave snack!!!

Just the right amount of salt to curb your salty cravings.
And only 35 calories per CUP!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Back to School Inspirational Tags.

Everyone needs a little extra encouragement at the beginning of the school year - - right?

Back when I taught the youth in my church - - I always liked to go around to each girl's house and give them a little something to let them know I was thinking about them.

Here are 2 of my favorite ideas that YOU can 
download and use now TOO!

Details and Printable HERE.

Details and Printable HERE.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

This Weekend:

* Breakfast at IHOP Friday morning with 2 of my favorite ladies. Locals: The one by us finally opened up!
{Their pancakes really are the best.}

* Errands afterwards - - I even got to walk down ALL the endcaps at Target to check out their clearance stuff.
It was a good time.

* Friday night the boys and I headed to their school fundraiser at Flipside.
{London was at a friend's}.

This really is a FUN place.
Bowling, laser tags, bumper go-carts...they've got it all!

* We headed back home afterwards and made some treats that my kids "have NEVER had before".

You'd have thought I was giving them a hot fudge sundae for the first time.....

Chocolate dipped strawberries and apples with Nutella.
I personally - - don't like to mix my fruit and chocolate.
My kids however, gobbled it up!

We got on our jammies and watched this cute movie for the rest of the evening....

Has anybody seen this?!?

We used to watch this ALL the time when my boys were little.
It was a family favorite back in the day and SO fun to watch again as they're now a bit older.
{We of course, laughed at ALL the same parts that we used to}.

* Saturday morning we took some of our favorite friends out for donuts at one of our favorite places.

* We followed this up by going to the music store to rent Grant's new instrument for the year......

We've officially got a TRUMPET player in the house!
{Gimme strength in my loins! And ear plugs.  
I might just need those too.}

* I attended a bridal shower for one of the cute young women that I used to teach....SO happy for her!

It's SO fun to see these sweet girls grow up.

I whipped up THESE cupcakes to bring.
They're one of my faves to make.

* We finished our evening off by grabbing a babysitter and heading out for date night to 

HANDS DOWN the best chips, salsa and Diet Coke around.
Their 'flying saucers' are pretty amazeballs, too.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

* Pot roast Sunday's been awhile.

THIS article has been on my mind a lot lately.
I WISH I was a morning person.
I really really do.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Fun Finds Friday.

I'm not gonna lie - - -
having ALL my kids back in school is pretty much

Moms who have kids back in school - - doesn't the day FLY by? Lol. I feel like I am bouncing from place to place just to get everything done in time for pickup!

I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed being able to browse through the stores this week - - sipping on my soda - - uninterrupted. 

It's the little things, right?!

I'm pretty sure Target was glad to see me back, too.

$ BIN finds this week included....

These darling milk cartons!
2 to a package for only a buck!
Would be super cute to fill up with treats and give to a teacher.

I honestly don't remember pencil cases looking this cute when I was a kid.

Going on a road trip?
This chalkboard clipboard could be SUPER entertaining for a little one!

LOVE these little light up marquee letters.
Wouldn't they be SO fun on a desk or in a college dorm room?

Purple Lovers {that's ME!}.......
These purple jars!!!!!

Over at Michaels....
{I haven't been there in forever!}

Aren't these milk jars with straws CUTE?
On sale for only $2 a jar!

And these greeting cards....!!!!

They come with a full on vegetable peeler.  
Or grater.
Or whisk.
And the envelope is even included!

Left card says : You are the 'great-est'
Right card says: You 'whisk' me away.

On sale for $1.50 a card!

Already thinking ahead to fall {I have to! It's so dang hot here right now!}...

Cute little personal pie dishes.
Would be fun to bake some up and give to friends & neighbors. 

Speaking of little....
love these cute tiny cube baking pans.

You could bake up little brownies in these for a party.

Anyone hosting a missionary farewell?
Those bicycle napkins for only $1 grabbed my attention!

And who says you can't put a chalkboard on EVERYTHING?!

Chalkboard ribbon???
Not exactly HOW this would work out - - seems like it would be a tad messy -- like the chalk would smudge easily, right?

And then just as I saw the Halloween garb in the store - - I got a teeny bit excited and then this sight....

...reminded me that I have a son with some SERIOUS aracnaphobia and he'll most likely be avoiding all craft stores/grocery stores/stores in general in the next couple of months.

{Like for reals FOR REALS! aracnaphobia!}

Anyone know how they overcome this?
And don't say -  - 'make them hold a spider' because EW! I would never.